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February 1, 2023

Partial elections: Gorghiu threatens Gov’t with Court in open letter

PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Tuesday, urging him to decide during the Cabinet meeting this week on the organization of partial elections, or the Liberals would take the Government to Court.

According to Alina Gorghiu, the open letter is ‘the last attempt to convince the premier to comply with the laws and Constitution’, Mediafax states.

Alina Gorghiu notes that, before the 2014 presidential election, PM Ponta passed an emergency ordinance temporarily legalizing political migration. ‘You forcefully secured a supplement of over 400 mayors and you still lost the election. The Constitutional Court characterized your political action as one against the rule of law, hijacking the voters’ will. On both rounds of election in November 2014 you humiliated hundreds of thousand of Romanians abroad, still with the same result – you lost. Now you are breaking the law in respect of partial elections and prevent people in the country from voting, over 2 M Romanians have no representatives heading their communities’, Gorghiu states in the open letter. She notes that Victor Ponta ‘is afraid to lose the elections, as he was last year’.

‘The truth is that this fear of yours helped Romanians understand just how far you are willing to go to keep the power. You are willing to break the Constitution, the laws of Romania and civil rights in order to reach your personal political goals. This is why you will keep losing’, Gorghiu says.

The co-president of PNL says she has run out of political options available to make the premier comply with the law and hold partial elections. ‘We have tried to convince you that it is not all about you and two million Romanians have to suffer locally where there is no longer authority, organization and political will to deal with specific matters. I am convinced that, if, for example, Bucharest had been left without a mayor, you wouldn’t have dared leave the Capital of Romania without administration for one year or almost two years. Your new image advisers who are now building the new Victor Ponta would have convinced you that <It doesn’t look right>’

According to Alina Gorghiu, ‘each and every Romanian is just as important and every community must be treated with equal respect’, and she tells the PM that she would prefer ‘not to have to take him to Court in order to put the law on the table of the Government’.

‘I would prefer that you reenter legality, as we have been urging you to since the beginning of the year, to not waste citizens’ time any more. Before turning to justice, I am making one last attempt to convince you to observe the law and the Constitution. Tomorrow, during the Cabinet meeting, you have the opportunity to do what’s right as prime minister, or, as soon as we have the necessary answers from the public authorities, we will take legal action against the Government over refusing to organize partial elections where public offices have become vacant’, Gorghiu says in her open letter to the PM.

‘The denouement can only be one, like with the migration ordinance. The law is just one and so is the Constitution. Do not wait until you are again forced to fulfill your duties. You fear the result of elections, but it’s always better to be defeated courageously (as it may happen in our case), than hide away the ballot boxes in a shameful manner. You can try and do the right thing, not only what looks nice. At least now, when you really have nothing more to lose. Organize partial elections, let people vote!’ reads the letter of the PNL co-president. The subject of partial elections was also on the agenda of the talks President Klaus Iohannis had with parliamentary parties at Cotroceni Palace last week.


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