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December 4, 2021

Intelligence experts explain the stakes of the Udrea – Coldea war

The echoes of the accusations publicly launched by Elena Udrea (former Development Minister, former presidential candidate and former head of Traian Basescu’s presidential chancellery) regarding key persons in security systems are far from dying out. On the contrary, as Udrea, presently investigated by Anti-Corruption prosecutors in two files – the Microsoft case and the “Bute Gala” case, promised that she would continue the series of mind-blowing disclosures regarding the heads of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

Former managers of the secret services as well as people working in the field of national security pointed out for the daily “Adevarul” the amount of truth contained by Elena Udrea’s statements and how far the scandal may go.


“I knew that Cocos was visiting SRI on Saturdays and Sundays”


The former head of the Presidential Chancellery declared, in an interview for hotnews.ro, that her former husband, Dorin Cocos, presently under arrest, was meeting the current interim director of SRI, Florian Coldea (photo) , at the headquarters of the institution. “I knew that he (Dorin Cocos, editor’s note) was visiting SRI on Saturdays and Sundays. No, I never asked why he was going there because I imagined that, obviously, he was going there to talk to people who were working there, I was not imagining that he was going to mow the lawn in the yard of SRI. The mere idea that you are regularly talking to the SRI managers and you are not telling me anything makes it obvious that you are discussing things that are strictly your business; male issues, business, who knows what else”, Elena Udrea declared.


The regime of the access of outsiders in state security institutions


Asked by Adevarul whether intelligence services had a registry for visitors, former director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), Ioan Talpes declared: “Usually, there is a registry of entrances and exits, kept permanently. Yet, if somebody told not to fill in the registry, he id not. It depends on the person who launched the invitation. If the manager of SRI or somebody from the leadership invites somebody to the headquarters, and tells that the respective person should not be entered in the registry, the respective person will not be registered. It is a normal, because the heads of services might invite people with a certain position, involved in specific missions, who cannot show up in the registry”, Talpes declared.


What was Elena Udrea’s former husband’s mission in the Romanian state politics?


Another former SIE director, Claudiu Saftoiu, shirtly explained on his turn for Adevarul, the rules of visits in military institutions, such as SRI and SIE. “As far as I know, one may enter there institutions with an electronic card or after being searched whether they carried any guns or lethal weapons, based on the permission of an employee. One may enter these institutions only based on the access card of a person entitled to allow outsiders to enter the headquarters of the institution. Therefore, the number of people entering security institutions and the number of people entitled to approve these visits is very limited”, Saftoiu declared.

So, these are the rules of visits made by outsiders. Nonetheless, Ioan Talpes wondered whether Dorin Cocos could be considered an outsider for SRI. “I am unable to believe what Mrs. Udrea said. It would be disastrous. Yet, I keep wondering: was Mr. Cocos in a working relation, reporting to Mr. Coldea? What was Mr. Cocos mission in the Romanian state politics? If he was assigned a mission, all these meetings are understandable. If that was not the case, all these discussions are bizarre”, Talpes declared for Adevarul.

Claudiu Saftoiu says that MPs responsible of SRI Control may demand the registry of visits, on one condition: “if the issue exceeds the secret of missions and of persons who are undercover officers”.


Troncota: Maior resigned from the top position in SRI because of Udrea


Cristian Troncota, the Dean of the National Intelligence Academy, thinks that the former SRI manager George Maior left his position at SRI because of Elena Udrea.

Why Elena Udrea’s target was Florian Coldea, former Deputy of SRI, and not George Maior, the man who had declared, before resigning, that he had supervised all intelligence operations for the last eight years?

Elena Udrea also tells us that Basescu was not the one who ruled Romania, and neither were the Heads of Governments, that the true leader of Romania was Coldea. I think this is ridiculous. Ms. Udrea comes out to attack Mr. Coldea now but we may remember that, some time ago, she had praised the same Mr. Coldea. The issue was that a decline appeared between Udrea and Coldea, a decline that was highly disapproved by Mr. Maior. In order to avoid the potential scandal, Maior resigned. You should know that SRI is led by a Managing College and inside this College, vote is secret. In Elena Udrea’s case, the Managing College decided somethinr Adevarul.

Regarding Elena Udrea’s accusations that the pictures showing her in Paris, in Alina Bica’s company, were made by SRI, Troncota declared: “She is a professional lawyer and she should know that SRI only has competences on Romanian territory. It is ridiculous to accuse SRI of having spied on you in Paris. SIE has attributions outside the Romanian territory”.




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