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February 9, 2023

PNL’s Gorghiu: I thought Ponta understood a politically spent lemon can no longer have results

PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu gave an exclusive interview for DCNews on Wednesday, talking about the no-confidence vote through which the opposition hopes to topple the Ponta Government. The head of the Liberals announced that the opposition will surely file a no-confidence motion that will be adopted and will topple the government.

“When will the Ponta Government fall and how?” political analyst Bogdan Chirieac asked Alina Gorghiu on DCNews Live.

“From my point of view there is only one option that PNL has taken into account, and that is the no-confidence vote. (…) The Ponta Government could decide it will leave for Sinaia on an extended holiday,” the Liberal answered.

“So you expect them to resign willingly?” the political analyst continued.

“No, I would have hoped for such a gesture after the presidential elections. I thought Victor Ponta had understood that a great part of the Romanian population felt held in contempt by the way in which he governed and that he would step aside, that he had understood that he is politically spent, that he understands that a politically-squeezed lemon can no longer have results.

(…) No-confidence motion… Now I wouldn’t want to offer a timetable, because issues that should be discussed on the Parliament’s or the Government’s daily political agenda are put on the backburner when we discuss about a timetable for the no-confidence motion or for the toppling of the government. The day on which we will change the government, on which the parliamentary majority decides to send Ponta and PSD in the opposition, is less important. I find much more important what we explain to Romanians that we want to do when we get there and why we want to get there,” the PNL Co-President answered.


Project comes first, person second


Alina Gorghiu explained on DCNews Live what the reasons are for a new PNL Government and the arguments in favour of a change.

“First comes the project, then the person; because the project is implemented with people, you cannot appoint people and then generate the project, because a Government comes to power, or should come to power, based on a governing program; you don’t vote the person you vote the program and the wide-ranging projects with which a party or an alliance of parties comes before Parliament and presents them. Secondly, President Iohannis’s country project came to be known by six million Romanians because that’s why they voted for him. What PNL should do and will do is to conserve this partnership with President Klaus Iohannis and you should know that we have no kind of hesitation when it comes to maintaining this partnership, to consolidating it and staking on President Klaus Iohannis’s agenda, an agenda that PNL backed in the elections campaign. It was a single platform. And thirdly, we do not want to end up in power on the basis of presidential elections, but we have a Constitution and we had some elections, in 2012. You should know that in those elections the candidate was not Victor Ponta and PSD, it was USL, those elections were not won by PSD, they were won by USL, which no longer exists. In Parliament you have parliamentary parties, you have a parliamentary majority which, at this moment, is backing the Victor Ponta Government, but you also have in the Constitution some levers that legitimately give you, the Opposition, the possibility to replace it. The fact that the the idea of no-confidence motion is stipulated in a Constitution means that any Opposition has the legal, constitutional possibility of replacing that government,” Alina Gorghiu stated on DCNews Live.


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