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February 5, 2023

Udrea escalates attacks: Kovesi has the handcuffs, Coldea the information and decides whom and when to handcuff

Caught in the net by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), Elena Udrea continued on Wednesday (at two TV stations, TVR and B1TV, but also in an interview for luju.ro) the series of her striking disclosures on the actions, interventions and movements of the one she claims is actually leading Romania and actually conducting the actions of DNA, the interim head of SRI, General Florian Coldea. In an exclusive interview for Lumeajustitiei.ro (luju.ro), Elena Udrea confesses that the avalanche of files started against her by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate serves only one purpose: to close her mouth in the war she started with SRI General Florian Coldea. And this is because “Mr. Coldea may order whom and when to handcuff”.

For about a week, in her vehement struggle with the system she paradoxically has belonged to for over ten years and still belongs to, Elena Udrea has accomplished an absolute record for a Deputy: she is a defendant in three criminal cases and has three arrest requests! Prosecutors extended inquiries in the “Gala Bute” Case, that includes accusations of bribe-taking, and demand her arrest for her violations of legal control in the Microsoft case, due to her disclosures to the press.


The system includes people who do not want to work out of fear, at the orders of Kovesi and Coldea


The recent disclosures made by Elena Udrea also concern the Head Prosecutor of DNA, Laura Codruța Kovesi, and the interim SRI Director,  General Florian Coldea. She also discussed the case of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), where a major judge “reached a decision to arrest an important person, an important personality, as a result of an order.”

Asked, in an interview for luju.ro, if “Laura Codruța Kovesi is taking orders from Florian Coldea”, Elena Udrea replied:

“In my opinion, she does. I do not know whether they are necessarily order or it is merely the great collaboration they share, and that determines her to respond, not based on orders but on this relationship. (…) There are plenty of prosecutors and plenty of judges who were sick of issuing decisions based on fear in all these cases. And I have an extraordinary case. Unfortunately, it is once again based on declarations made by persons who will certainly be terrified to admit in public what they told me. There is the case of a High Court judge who reached a decision to arrest an important person, an important personality, as a result of an order.”

Requested to reveal the name of the judge, Elena Udrea declared: “I should tell you who admitted it to me and I would create an unpleasant situation. It is more than likely that I would put the respective person in a situation that would force them to get away by denying. So, there are people in the system who do not want to work out of fear and at the orders of Mr. Coldea and Ms. Kovesi”.

After declaring that “the person who has the handcuffs leads Romania”, Elena Udrea was asked: “Who does actually have the handcuffs, Coldea or Kovesi?”

“Kovesi has the handcuffs, obviously, but Mr. Coldea, the one who has the information, is also the one to decide whom and when o handcuff.”

Asked why she thought Ms. Kovesi followed these orders, Udrea answered: “It is because, if you act correctly in 90 per cent of the cases, it is accepted that, in the remaining 10 per cent of the cases, you may commit abuses in your own interest or in the interest of a group”.

On Wednesday evening, Elena Udrea revealed interviewers at TVR the promise made to former Head of DIICOT Alina Bica and to her by General Florian Coldea (SRI) after Dorin Cocos’ arrest:

“Once, Ms. Bica admitted to me that it was obvious to her she was being in a situation of conflict with Mr. Coldea. You saw that most cases at DNA bear the mention: “a case instrumented courtesy of SRI”. DIICOT, although in charge with combating organized crime, has not received, according to Ms. Bica, but two announcements from the SRI management for over a year. How are you supposed to work with two announcements? Ms. Bica also told me, after the scandal of photographs taken in Paris, that she has gone to talk to General Coldea and that he has replied that she should have talked to him in advance, that she was to come to Paris with me and that was all, because the woman did not find out at that time that she had been photographed and that, when she had any issues, she should come to tell them in advance, because 99.99 per cent of the cases were solved in advance. This is a thing Mr. Coldea has also told me at Mr. Maior’s office, under the circumstances that I visited Mr. Maior’s office at my initiative.

At that meeting, I pointed it out to Mr. Maior that I was the target of an attack strategy aimed to discredit me, a strategy that was applied during the campaign, as well as after, and that I did not think it was fair. I also told him that I knew Dorin Cocos had helped him at his demand and, nonetheless, nobody else than Dorin Cocos and Nicolae Dumitru were under arrest in the Microsoft case. Mr. Coldea told me the same thing: if the people in the file told him they were involved, they would have been cleared. 99.99 per cent of the cases were solved in advance, if you tell them”, Elena Udrea declared at TVR.


Somebody’s denunciation against me leads to preventive arrest, my denunciation against Coldea leads to nothing


Elena Udrea reacted surprised when the TVR host brought up the latest accusations made by DNA, that she allegedly demanded EUR 3 million from a businessman.

“You are accused of having received EUR 3 million from a businessman, in the e-Romania file”, the host of the TVR show, Sorin Avram told Deputy Elena Udrea, live.

The reaction of the Deputy was: “Oh my god, I do not think that is an accusation. No, I think that you are wrong. What should I say? My God, is that even possible? Who says that? Who is the person? Do they have any proof to back it up? It is not possible. So, you are reading to me over there that my arrest is demanded because possibly, yet I do not believe it, possibly somebody had said that Elena Udrea took 3 million. I cannot believe these things. I mean, somebody’s denunciation against me leads to a request of preventive arrest against me, without anyone asking me anything, and my denunciation against Florian Coldea leads to nothing.”

“If you ask me, none of it is true. I do not even believe what you are reading me, I do not know whether DNA made these allegations, and, just for the sake of the conversation, it is interesting to mention who made that denunciation. There is no such thing. There is no one in this country who could say they gave EUR 3 million to Elena Udrea”, the Deputy added.

“In 2010, Dorin Cocos, based on an agreement with Udrea Elena Gabriela, allegedly demanded from a businessman, the manager of a company working in IT the sum of approximately EUR 3 million in order to deblock payments for the e-Romania contract”, the DNA press release shows.


There are judges and prosecutors saying they reach decisions under pressure and for fear of SRI


Deputy Elena Udrea declared on Wednesday at B1TV that she would make declarations in the Parliament Plenum in order to disclose more key characters in her file, after DNA prosecutors requested her preventive arrest.

“I understand now, DNA goes on with a new charge of bribe-taking and, as far as I saw, it is based on the documents that publicly surfaced last night in the file of Ministry employees who were on the edge of preventive arrest, as, from what I saw there, an accusation of bribe-taking is made against the Secretary General of the Ministry by somebody involved in the file. Actually, the accusation is based on the fact that a company has sponsored the company that organized the Bute Gala, not on the fact that somebody from the Ministry received money. Not on the fact that Elena Udrea received money. They say that a company has granted sponsorship to the company that organized the Bute Gala”, Elena Udrea explained.

“Nobody can deny the relationship between Mr. Coldea and Ms. Kovesi! Nobody can even question that relationship”, Elena Udrea explained. “There are judges and prosecutor saying that they reach decisions under pressure, based on their fear of SRI”, she stated.

“Certainly, I will have a speech in front of the Parliament, that includes people with qualities and defects, people granted the vote of the nation, as power must be exercised transparently. I will speak out in front of this forum and tell them everything that happens in Romania at the time being. I still have time to tell all the things I know, until the preventive arrest happens, if it happens!”, Udrea added.


Power corrupts; a man who wants to gain all the power because he owns everybody’s secrets, may deviate the activity of all institutions


“Regardless of whether Elena Udrea was wrong or not, what happens now is my combat with General Coldea. For four years, I was not summoned to give any declarations. For four days, an endless stream of accusations keeps appearing over and over. Nobody can deny the excellent relationship Kovesi is enjoying with Coldea”, the Deputy mentioned.

“Power corrupts; a man who wants to gain all the power because he owns everybody’s secrets, may deviate the activity of all institutions. I do not accuse SRI of anything; I am talking about the things one person, the General of SRI, does at this time”, Elena Udrea added.


Udrea accused of having violated legal control regulations by disclosures concerning Microsoft case


According to the document made by prosecutors, Elena Udrea was denounced at DNA by Dinu Pescariu, a suspect in the Microsoft case, of whom Udrea demanded and received EUR 500,000 to solve his “legal issues”.

“On the date of November 5, 2014, Pescariu Dinu – Mihail filed a denunciation regarding the commitment of corruption deeds by Udrea Elena Gabriela. The denunciation shows that, in 2013, based on the inquiry completed by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, as a result of the complaint submitted by Fujitsu Siemens Computers regarding the implementation of the Microsoft licensing contract and of the insurance measures ordered by Austrian authorities on the Swiss bank accounts of the company, Udrea Elena Gabriela allegedly demanded EUR 500,000 to solve Pescariu’s legal issues. There are clues that the payment of the respective sums was made in several tranches during July 2013 – February 2014”, the prosecutors mentioned in the document.

According to the investigators, the accusations are proved my the witness’ statements, statements of account, holographic documents seized during search and pointing out the paid sums.

DNA demands Elena Udrea’s arrest in the Microsoft file, where the Deputy is accused of influence peddling (related to the signing and implementation of the Microsoft licensing frame contract in 2009, of subsequent contracts and on the implementation of the e-Romania file), money laundering and false statements of wealth.

Investigators also accuse Udrea, who was placed under legal control in this file on January 29, of having violated the conditions of this preventive measure, which is another of their reasons to demand her arrest.


President Iohannis will appoint a new SRI manager under Coldea’s pressure, as Coldea solved his incompatibility file


Elena Udrea seems focused on making disclosures from the inside of the system and provides new subjects to think about, concerning President Klaus Iohannis. Udrea declared that Iohannis will make the decision to appoint a new SRI manager under the pressure by Chief-Deputy Florian Coldea. Udrea stated that Iohannis would be forced by Coldea, as the latter was the one who “solved” the incompatibility file Iohannis had at ICCJ.

Asked by luju.ro whether she had any information about the real reasons behind George Maior’s resignation from the top position in SRI, Udrea answered: “No, but it is certain that he did not leave at his own will. It is the President’s right to change SRI and to work with whom he wants to work. My opinion is that the next head of SRI will be either Mr. Coldea or somebody approved by Mr. Coldea”.


“I expect that, beyond some people’s lack of courage, Coldea would be investigated and to leave SRI”


“Even the verdict in Mr. Iohannis’ case is related to Mr. Coldea (the verdict issued by ICCJ in the incompatibility file, editor’s note). So, nobody in this country, absolutely nobody, the present Head of the State included is a person without secrets or without vulnerable spots. This is why, at this time, I am telling you that the appointment of a new SRI manager is impossible without the approval of Mr. Coldea”, the PMP Deputy, former Development Minister, former Head of Traian Basescu’s Presidential Chancellery, presently investigated for corruption crimes and influence peddling by the DNA declared.

At the question by luju.ro regarding her opinion on the relationship of Klaus Iohannis and the heads of justice or the heads of Intelligence Services, the PMP deputy declared: “It may be a fair relationship with the heads of justice. It will certainly not be a fair relationship with Mr. Coldea, at least temporarily, as Mr. Iohannis will be expected to do what Mr. Coldea is telling him to do, if Coldea remains in his position, obviously. I think and I hope that these things I tell you, and that represent a reality of our today’s society would not remain without consequences. I hope that people who lack the courage to come forward and approve me publicly will gain some attitude at last; to think that it is unacceptable to live in a country where one man manages everybody’s secrets and leads the country by forcing their hands based on these secrets. As a result, I expect that, besides the fear many people, most people have, a reaction would finally appear to present events and that Mr. Coldea would at least be investigated and demanded to leave SRI”, Elena Udrea concluded in her interview for Luju.ro.

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