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December 9, 2021

Iohannis to TV5MONDE: Fight against corruption has to continue with high intensity

In the first interview with a foreign television from his inauguration as President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis spoke to the francophone channel TV5MONDE on Friday about his forthcoming visit to France and the bilateral relations, but also about Romania’s partnership with the U.S. and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. President Iohannis admitted that there is corruption in Romania and emphasized that he is decided to support the authorities involved in this fight.

Asked if he has instruments to fight against corruption as he promised in the electoral campaign, Klaus Iohannis stated: “Not by mere coincidence, the fight against corruption has been one of the main topics of my electoral campaign from the very simple reason that there is corruption in Romania and because it is a threat to the national security. It is obvious that this corruption has existed also in the highest spheres of the Romanian politics”.

Romania’s head of state has stressed that important steps have been taken so far. “We have notable results, from names of politicians to well known clerks who were indicted for corruption, and I believe that we have the proof that there is not only the will, but it is also a fact to eradicate corruption that  has slow down Romania’s development,” said Klaus Iohannis.

“ There are many things ahead. And here I am very committed to support the authorities involved in the fight against corruption. The President has certain levers through the appointment of the chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), through the proof of his determination, through the public approach of this issue and I believe that I have done this thing since the beginning of my mandate up to now, and to send very clear messages: fight against corruption has to continue with high intensity,” concluded the Romanian President.


We have a traditional partnership with France that is secular


Regarding the visit to France, the President said that “we have a traditional partnership that is secular. Many French investors will come to Romania. French language is very common to us, and I think that will increase the choice for French as a foreign language ‘. Asked about racism in France against Roma from Romania, Klaus Iohannis said that “it has to be seen where mistakes have been made in our country but also in the EU, because it’s not just a matter of Romania”.

President Klaus Iohannis said about the alliance with the Americans, that there “will be significant changes in its approach”.  “They are our strategic partners. We have three points of our foreign policy, NATO, the EU and Americans. There is  place for  bilateral relations, such as bilateral relations with France. Romania must be a serious and long-haul partner ,” Klaus Iohannis told TV5MONDE in the prime –time Grand Angle edition  of the main show on foreign policy issues.

As for Russia, the President said that “unfortunately, there is Ukraine, and we would have preferred that to not happen. For us Europeans, these are abuses. Russia trod the red line. Romania considers that there are no other solutions’.

Asked whether Russia-Ukraine conflict will arrive in Romania, Klaus Iohannis said that “it is a not a possible scenario, but we will be very cautious.”




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