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December 7, 2021

PMP to elect new leadership, Tomac the only candidate for party’s chairmanship

The party set up at the initiative of the former President Traian Basescu after his supporters left the Liberal Democratic Party (PDL) in 2013, will elect its new leadership at the Congress that will be held on Sunday at the Palace of Parliament in the presence of 756 delegates. The  Congress of the Popular Movement Party (PMP)  will take place a day before  PMP MP Elena Udrea, who suspended herself from the leadership of the party one week ago because of her judicial problems, will find out if the Deputies’ Chamber gives green light for her arrest.

The plenary of the Chamber of Deputies will discuss on Monday DNA’s request to arrest Elena Udrea in the Gala Bute case. Before the plenary meeting, the Legal Committee will give a consultative opinion on the matter. The Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday DNA’s request to being investigations in the case of MP Elena Udrea.

DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi on Wednesday made a request to the prosecutor general to permit the preventive arrest of Elena Udrea in the Gala Bute case. Wednesday night, DNA asked for clearance to arrest Elena Udrea also in the Microsoft case where she was already under a judicial control measure.

Udrea will not attend the Congress, but former President Traian Băsescu was invited. However, Basescu has neither cofirmed nor has he infirmed the participation. For the chairmanship of PMP, which has been held by Udrea since the Congress of last June, will run Eugen Tomac, and for the position of Secretary General will enter in the race the person who stood in the shadow of Basescu in recent years, Dorel Onaca.

“We invited Mr. Basescu to the PMP Congress. We don’t know if he comes, we’ll see,” the PMP Secretary General Negrut Clement, who is in the charge with the preparations for the Congress, told Mediafax.” He neither has confirmed nor he has infirmed, but we wait him with the open arms,” said Clement.

Under the circumstances in which Traian Basescu is criticized by many for his silence in Udrea’s case, his former presidential adviser Adrian Radulescu defends him saying that there is nothing strange in Basescu’s behavior. “He was the most informed person in the state. Probably he will come out with some conclusions when the appropriate moment will arrive,” said Radulescu who is the chairman of Dambovita PMP branch.

Regarding the party’s new leadership, Negrut stated that after the vote to be given to Tomac’s motion named  “The involved Romania-PMP, the party of change”, the other 35 supporters of his candidacy will directly become members in the Executive National Council, the leadership authority of the party.

According to this list, Siegrfrid Muresan will be the first deputy chairman of the party and Dorel Onaca will be the new Secretary General, while the ten vice-presidents will be: Clement Negrut, Adrian Radulescu, Gabriel Berca, Petru Movila, Adrian Gurzau, Nicolae Ivaschescu, Catalin cristache, Catalin Tarhon, Claudiu Palas and Catalina Bozianu.




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