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October 21, 2021

‘Gala Bute’ case: Elena Udrea’s Nana farm manager arrested for 30 days for complicity to bribe-taking

Businessman Tudor Breazu, a former counselor in the Tourism Ministry and associate of Elena Udrea, who also manages Elena Udrea’s farm in the Nana locality, was arrested on Sunday following a decision of the Bucharest Tribunal judges. Breazu was remanded in custody for 24 hours by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors on Saturday in the Gala Bute case.

Judicial sources say Tudor Breazu participated in the organisation of the boxing event and was rewarded with EUR 50,000 for his services.

More exactly, Tudor Breazu received the bribe as fictitious advertising contracts. From him, the bribe would go to Elena Udrea, DNA has found out according to judicial sources quoted by Agerpres.

The quoted sources explain that, after the manager cashed the money for works performed under the agreement from the Ministry of Development, 10% was going back to Elena Udrea as bribe through Tudor Breazu. The same sources say that the bribe was received in the following manner: the manager would wire the money into Breazu’s account as payment for fictitious advertising services and he would pass it on to Elena Udrea.

DNA prosecutors on Tuesday asked the Chamber of Deputies to give two opinions on its request to arrest Elena Udrea, former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism – one in the ‘Gala Bute’ case and one in the ‘Microsoft’ case..

In the ‘Gala Bute’ case, the opinion was requested after the DNA prosecutors had expended the criminal investigations concerning E. Udrea also for bribe-taking. DNA requested the approval of both prosecution for a new offence and of preventive remand.

In this case, Elena Udrea is accused of deciding to organise the event after talks with Rudel Obreja, President of the Romanian Boxing Federation, and asked her subordinates at the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism to find solutions to conclude the agreement for the financing of the event, seeking electoral benefits by associating her image with Lucian Bute’s.

Ex-Economy Minister Ion Ariton is also a suspect in the case for making officials of ten state-owned companies including Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica and Romgaz, to illegally sponsor with a total of over 1.7 million lei the organisation of Gala Bute by Rudel Obreja’s company.

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate asked the Senate to approve the prosecution of Ion Ariton. The Senate Legal Committee issued its positive opinion on Tuesday and the plenary is now expected to make the final decision on DNA’s request.


Udrea: I am not resigning Parliament, I will wait for the cote of my colleagues


Udrea is not going to resign as a member of Parliament and has decided to wait for the vote of her colleagues on DNA’s request for the approval of her prosecution and arrest in the Gala Bute and Microsoft cases. Udrea told Romania TV on Saturday that she was not resigning Parliament.


Elena Udrea’s lawyer a resounding name in DNA


A few days ago, Elena Udrea was complaining about being unable to find a lawyer because no one dared take up her case. Meanwhile, not only has she found a lawyer, but he happens to be a scare for the DNA prosecutors too, stiripesurse.ro reports.

‘The lawyer hired by Elena Udrea is Alexandru Chiciu. He became known as a prosecutor, and not just any prosecutor. He headed Department II of the National Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office that changed name into DNA. Elena Udrea happens to be now investigated by Department II of DNA, meaning exactly by the department that used to be headed by her lawyer, A. Chiciu’, the same news website says.






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