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January 27, 2022

Elena Udrea continues disclosures: Everything that is going on is a strategy seeking to silence me

In the limelight since 10 days ago when she began the series of attacks on the leadership of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), but also since the corruption scandals involving her kicked off, with prosecutors asking for her arrest in three major cases, Elena Udrea continued her disclosures on B1TV Saturday night, making further assertions meant to explain her action that set the public arena on fire, but also to defend herself.

She said during the ‘X-Press’ B1 TV programme Saturday night that everything that was going on those days was a strategy seeking to silence her.

‘I think I should share the status of all debates with the SRI interim director, general Florian Coldea. The things I said about him are just as important in my opinion. We are living an important time for Romania. I believe the debate should be on how the power is being exercised in this country at this time’, Udrea said.

‘For ten years I was on the side of people fighting for a strong justice system. The accusations I made were not against institutions. They were against people. What I’m saying is not an attack on any institution. These are things that belong to a debate on democracy in Romania’, she went on.

‘Justice must investigate all suspicion or allegation in the public area. I, Elena Udrea, must answer all the accusations brought against me. However, from this normality that I recognise and support to what has been happening for the last few months, an incremental attack targeted at Elena Udrea. I was the target in the Microsoft case without even being mentioned in that case. It is a strategy seeking to silence Elena Udrea’, she explained.


I’m not accusing services, but people engaged in the campaign


Udrea said she was not accusing the intelligence services, but individuals from the services engaged in the campaign.

‘The things I’m saying I know from talks with other people. I don’t wish to speculate. What I believe is one thing. I am not fighting with political opponents, I am not fighting with the services involved with the campaign because it was not that services that became involved, I’m fighting with the persons engaged in the campaign’, Udrea said.

‘I wouldn’t want to undermine the credibility of what I’m saying, there are many other things I believe but I’m not saying. I only say what I can defend, at least indicating witnesses’, she explained.

‘After I had made the accusations, the arrest requests started flowing in. Three preventive arrest requests were issued in just two hours, one of them being based on the complaint filed by a person who had complained against several people – Mr. Pescariu – who is free. Complaints should be treated equally as a matter of principle’, the ex-minister pointed out.

‘When I see statements turned into complaints based on which they are asking for my arrest I am made after mid-December’, Udrea goes on.

‘One such criminal complaint was made by Gabriel Marin who claims he gave Dorin Cocos bribe and the money also came to me. I don’t even know that person. It’s mad’, she explained.

‘The complaint was introduced on 19 January, what it states is extremely complicated and yet, based on the complaint the prosecutors had since Thursday, they didn’t ask for my arrest at that time. Four days after my statements on Coldea they asked for my arrest, although two of the accusations were already with DNA’, the MP also said.

‘There is no person in my entourage who has not been asked if they knew anything about me. All this pressure around me has one explanation – they are trying to silence me’, Udrea stressed.


I have friends who are prosecutors, judges, who tell me they make their decisions under pressure


Elena Udrea also said during the ‘X-Press’ B1 TV programme Saturday night that she knew judges and prosecutors who told her that they make decisions under pressure.

‘People ask me why so late. I had my reasons to be afraid to make all these things public. I said these when I realised that it was clearly a way of no return and seeing that what I had expected would happen was mathematically happening. I have always been one of the people who criticised the political community, the Parliament, and who praised SRI and DNA. However, this time it is the exercise of power out in the open’, Udrea said.

“I am a lawyer and I have friends who are prosecutors, judges, who tell me they make their decisions under pressure. I’m not saying I’m innocent, that is a different story. I’m not saying my cases are political cases, I’m not saying anything about Iohannis or Ponta. I’m saying things about people who ended up with all the power on their hands’, she explained.

‘As long as I know a secret and can have you arrested, if I phone you and tell you to not mention my name in your show, what are you going to do? Will you mention my name? There are people who have children, careers and think about the point of this heroism’, the former minister said.


Maior told me about the photos with Bica in Paris. They were used against me in campaign


Elena Udrea also said the photos showing her and Alina Bica together in Paris had been used in the election campaign against her.

‘During the entire campaign I said these things about Coldea. Sometime in the autumn when, putting tow and two together, I understood it was a strategy designed to secure the continuation of the exercise of power at the top, of the control he holds over power. In a country where virtually anyone can be charged, the person who decides when and who is charged, the person who can decide to arrest someone when that person wants to, is the person who holds total power. I understood what was going on at the beginning of the election campaign’, Udrea said.

‘I came out in two press conferences and tried to say that the services were becoming involved with the campaign. Maior had told me about the existence of the photos with Alina Bica in Paris before they came out. They were published the Thursday before the voting day. All subsequent sociological assessments indicated that those photos hurt my election campaign. Perhaps if I had said then what I’m saying now things would have been different. I realised this battle Ghita had described to me in the summer was happening, that Mr. Coldea has deep resentments against me’, she explained.

The ex-minister also showed some notes ‘on how things were happening, who told me what’, the first one being dates 4 November 24:00.

‘I wanted to write these down as it was obvious what would happen. I wanted this to be known in case I wasn’t going to be able to say these. I wanted these tings to reach people’s ears and to be debated on. Many things I noted here I included in my complaint. Many people say nothing today, although they know I’m right. They don’t say anything either because they don’t have the courage to or because they are part of the campaign’, Elena Udrea noted.


When he wants to, Basescu will speak for himself, I’m not speaking for him


Elena Udrea said on B1 TV Saturday that it was not her that was the target of the criminal investigations against her and that the true targets were ‘Romania and its future’. ‘At this point I have no official capacity, I am no longer party president, I am a regular member of Parliament. The stake right now is not Udrea, but what happens with Romania and its future’, Elena Udrea said.

She sees herself as the only defender of democracy in Romania. ‘The problem is not with me, the problem is what happens with the other ones. The problem is what happens with the society, the country, if Udrea keeps silent and nobody still has the courage to talk from now on and this is what should concern you, not me. I’m not saying I’m Snow-White of politics, I’m just saying I am a well-intended person who wants to change things’, she also said.

Asked if she was still expending Traian Basescu’s support, Elena Udrea gave an evasive answer: ‘This is something only the president can say. I have never spoken for the president in ten years and I’m not going to do that. When he wants to, the president will speak for himself. I haven’t talked to Traian Basescu since he left Cotroceni. It is true he hasn’t had a position on this particular matter, but, on the other hand, he hasn’t said anything since 21 December’, Elena Udrea added.

As for the designer clothes and handbags bought for her by her ex-husband, she is ready to give them up, on one condition: ‘I admit the bags were bought by my ex-husband. But he is a businessman, he was when we met. If it is demonstrated that the handbag was bought with the money from Microsoft, I will give it back. If there is a problem and they demonstrate that the jacket I’m wearing was bought with Microsoft money, I will give it back’, the ex-minister concluded.




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