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May 23, 2022

Scandal of the disgraceful correspondence: FADERE demands dismissal of ICR Paris staff

On February 10, President Klaus Iohannis will attend an official visit in Paris, where he will meet French officials and will be present at a reception organized by the Romanian Embassy, besides important names of the Diaspora. Yet, organizing the event caused a massive and terribly embarrasing gaffe. By mistake, the sent mails containing the invitations also included an internal document characterizing the guests of the reception in many offensive words, ranging from “undesirable” to “disgusting”.

The team  of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in Paris sent invitations to a reception organized for the official visit by the Head of the Romanian state. Personalities of the Diaspora expected to attend this party received an invitation that was highly original, to say the least.

The Head of ICR Paris sent the guests a mail including an attached internal document including comments on each guest.

The mistake was revealed in a letter sent to the Romanian Ambassador to Paris by one of the “lucky” guests invited to the party.

Writer and journalist Radu Portocala wrote that, in the respective mail he also received, some persons were characterized as “undesirable” and others were defined as outright “disgusting”. There are also comments about people who wanted to be accompanied by their spouses at the event, as the invitations were initially destined to one person.

The situation was exposed by writer Eugen Mihaescu, in a letter for the publication Cotidianul.ro.


FADERE demands the dismissal of ICR Paris staff


The Federation of Romanians’ Associations in Europe (FADERE) demanded Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu to dismiss the staff of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris, involved in sending invitations fir the reception in Paris due to be attended by President Klaus Iohannis himself, next week. These invitations included, by mistake, an internal document defining some of the guests as “undesirable” or “disgusting”.

The Federation of Romanians’ Associations in Paris reacted to the scandal in Paris and demands the dismissal of the ICR personnel responsible of this correspondence as well as of the employees of the Paris Embassy who failed to file a complaint regarding the contents of the document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).

“FADERE, the Federation of Romanians’ Associations in Europe demands Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu to dismiss the staff of the Romanian Cultural Institute, responsible of the humiliating correspondence in Paris. Also, we demand the resignations of the personnel at the Romanian Embassy in Paris who received this document and indulged in the offenses brought by the members of ICR instead of filing a complaint in Bucharest”, FADERE pointed out in a press release issued on Saturday.

The Association considers that the incident is “a shame to Romania and to the thousands of Romanian diplomats doing their job in a honourful way and earnestly representing the country”.

“We hope that the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be immediate and that it would serve as an example to all diplomats who are unable to comprehend yet that they are there to serve Romania and Romanian communities living outside our country’s borders”, FADERE President Daniel Tecu declared.

ICR Paris is presently headed by Yvette Seraphina-Ivona Fulicea, appointed manager of ICR Paris last year after being advising minister for the Romanian Embassy in France.


MAE responded, announced they penalized the responsible person


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) responded after the gaffe of the Romanian Embassy in Paris, announcing that they “penalized with a warning” the responsible person who had sent invitations for the reception due to be attended by President Klaus Iohannis, during his official visit to France. As mentioned above, invitations included a mistakenly attached document labeling a few guests as “undesirable” or “disgusting”.

In a press release, MAE clarifies a few things related to the incident in Paris after “sending invitations accompanied, in a wrong and regrettable manner, by an internal document of the Romanian Embassy in Paris”.

MAE mentions that a penalizing measure with a warning was already applied to the person responsible of having committed the respective mistake.

Moreover, they ordered summoning of all staff to the Centre, to provide explanations to the Control and Diplomatic Evaluation Corps of MAE.

Moreover, MAE mentions that the notes in the internal document do not reflect the opinions or appreciations of the Romanian Embassy in Paris; they were strictly personal and, as a result, the responsible person was penalized”, MAE points out.










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