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January 31, 2023

Surprise appearance at PMP Congress: Traian Basescu makes tempestuous public comeback, defends Elena Udrea and admits she was his alternative source of information

In the day Elena Udrea’s preventive arrest requests are being discussed by the legal committee of the Chamber of Deputies, preceding the vote in the plenary sitting established for Monday, Traian Basescu made his first public appearance since the start of the scandal. It was also his first break of the low-profile conduct he self-imposed since December 21, when he officially ended his term as Romania’s president, to devote himself to his family, according to his own statements.

Having arrived at the Popular Movement Party (PMP) Congress on Sunday where he was invited by the leaders of the party without having confirmed his attendance in advance, ex-President Traian Basescu came to the Parliament Palace, in front of the 756 delegates, to tell them that he was not willing to lead the Popular Movement but he would be their partner and that “he had to defend his terms as a President”, Basescu was received with ovations, enthusiastic slogans and applause by the attendants to the Party Congress.

Traian Basescu held a long speech in front of the delegates to the Congress, telling them that he decided to return to the public life, as recent criticism determined him to speak out and to defend himself. Seemingly forgetting that he was no longer President for almost two months, Basescu behaved as an active leader of the state at the stand of the PMP Congress. His speech was an opportunity to praise his own presidential terms and to start vehement arguments against his political adversaries, as he used to during his mandate, or against television stations (Antena 3, Romania TV and  Realitatea TV), but also to give subliminal instructions to the Government but also to the incumbent  President Klaus Iohannis on various topics such as: the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), the enforcement of the rule of law or strategies to be followed in the foreign policy or in the issues of the European funds absorption.

The ex-President took the stand of the PMP Congress to publicly thank the self-dismissed President of the Party, Elena Udrea, but also to defend her, mentioning that he hoped she would prove her honesty, as she always did.

“I thank the leaders of this party for the invitation to attend this Congress. It is true that, as a president, I understood Romania needed a new party; a party that could not be accused of the compromises of the past, made during the 25 years of transition, a party that could definitely generate hope”, Basescu said.

“I was looking at recent positions in the media, considering that PMP was doomed. I must say though that you are in a Congress today, with a number of attendants that could be envied by any party”, the former President declared.

Traian Basescu pointed out that he wanted to be a partner for PMP and publicly thanked the self-dismissed PMP President Elena Udrea, mentioned that he appreciated her “subtlety of not attending the event”.

“I appreciate the subtlety of her gesture to avoid being present in the room. I hope she will be provided fair circumstances to defend herself and that she would once again prove she is an honest person. I am confident that, if she will be granted a fair opportunity to do it, she will”, Basescu declared.

“I am confident that this party will grow and become a model,”, Basescu declared about PMP, pointing out that the party “needed to impose itself as a party able to provide solutions, both in theory and in concrete action, to Romania’s modernization and the consolidation of the Constitutional state”.


There is not a single intervention of mine in 10 years for a person to be prosecuted


Former President Traian Basescu has stated that in the 10 years of his mandate there was not a single intervention of his so that “a person be prosecuted”.

“There is not a single intervention of mine in 10 years so that a person be prosecuted. There is not and I ask you to reject this idea or this statement any time you have the opportunity because now I am not president any more, any prosecutor, any judge, could say ‘come on Mr. President, didn’t you tell me to get I-don’t-know-who. No, I didn’t because I believe that these newly-created institutions should not be dependent on the person who wanted them created, but should be dependent on the law”, said Basescu on Sunday at the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Congress.

He added that as long as he is the PMP’s partner, the members of this party will be attacked and minimized.

“Sure, it’s a lot more tempting to see attacks on Elena Udrea, attacks on Basescu, (…) but the essence of things should reside with the truth and you will have to face this type of campaign, because as long as I am your partner, you will be attacked everywhere and minimized. I want you to be prepared for this, to know what the cost of this partnership is. The diminishment of importance of this idea will be attempted, as well as diminishing the chances of this party to exist. In both campaigns, in the presidential and the European Parliament campaigns, you were the most attacked party, both by the National Liberal Party (PNL)  and the Social Democratic Party (PSD), so you must assume the risk of continuing some reform processes that are not exactly to the liking of those who until recently were united in thought and purpose by the 2012 coup d’etat idea, by the politically-controlled justice idea”, said Basescu.

Basescu confirms he had information on what Coldea was doing, but says he couldn’t have done anything as the Parliament was the only competent authority


Ex-President Traian Basescu says he knew about the strings the first deputy head of SRI, Florian Coldea, was pulling in politics. Basescu explained that he had received information on that, but could not do anything as Coldea, unlike George Maior, did not report to him directly.

‘I knew about Coldea, I received information, but he could only be controlled by Parliament’, Traian Basescu explained. The former president confirmed that Elena Udrea was his alternative source of information.

‘The president is also connected to other sources of information, for example the press summary where the elements deemed to be priorities are emphasised for him. Another extremely important source is the public liaison office. They do a periodical summary of all such information and you identify claims regarding the unfolding manner, the constitution manner. Elena Udrea was not the only source from where I took signals. The president received a wide array of information. The question is whether he remains captive to intelligence information of chooses to also take information from other sources to pass them on. The president has sent thousands of alerts based on relations with the public. Among those who told me about the ANRP issues was also Elena Udrea. I cannot say to the person who comes to report something to me <Go to the Prosecutor’s Office!>. The result was that the ANRP vice-president was charged six months later’, Traian Basescu also said.


Ex-President denies taking home 50 secret files which he omitted to hand over to Iohannis


Ex-President Traian Basescu said on Sunday on the hallways of the Parliament Palace, after his speech from the rostrum of the PMP Congress, answering a question asked by the journalists, that he was looking for secret documents in the computers at the official residence where he still lives and where he lived as president.

He denied taking home 50 files when he finished his term, as certain sources claim.

‘Stiripesurse.ro says I took files home. That’s a lie. I am now looking for… I search all my computers for secret documents which I will erase. This is what you are supposed to do when you complete your term in office’, Traian Basescu said.


Cotidianul.ro: Udrea just lifted the corner of the sheet covering an abusive power mechanism


Stiripesurse.ro stated a few days ago that Traian Basescu ‘omitted’ to hand over to in-coming President Klaus Iohannis a total of 50 political corruption files SRI had given to him.

“In October 2014, General Florian Coldea briefed Traian Basescu on the state of play of 50 cases of top political corruption the institution and DNA were preparing for the first half of 2015’, ‘Cotidianul.ro’ notes. ‘SRI sources close to the Presidential Administration have reported that the 50 files had not been transferred to Klaus Iohannis’, the same website says, asking the questions: ‘Did Basescu take home a secret archive?’ ‘Why did Basescu need to know the situation of those cases two months before finishing his term?’

The same ‘Cotidianul.ro’ article quoted by stiripesurse.ro says: ‘In the case of Romanian secret services, the agitation specific to any change of regime exceeds by far the ordinary. The traces of political policing and special structures acing to the order of the outgoing president are erased. Documents and files disappear and computers are cleaned up. Elena Udrea only lifted the corner of the sheet that covers an abusive power mechanism, consolidated over the years’.









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