Udrea before Legal Committee: Parliament must not be shield against criminal investigations

Whilst initially she had said she wasn’t going to be present before the Legal Committee of the Chamber on Sunday to see the accusations that were being brought against her, Elena Udrea seems to have gained some courage after ex-President Traian Basescu’s public position who, in his speech at the PMP Congress, said he hoped Udrea would have a fair chance to defend herself and also to demonstrate her innocence in front of both prosecutors and judges. Udrea said when she arrived to the Legal Committee on Sunday, accompanied by her lawyes Alexandru Chiciu, that she would not resist criminal investigations and that the arrest request were an assault on her and proof of the fact that she had to be shut down following her allegations against the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) chief Florian Coldea. ‘I have never resisted my prosecution. I have never resisted investigations. I don’t think the Parliament should be a shield against criminal investigations. What happens in my case shows an exceptional situation – three arrest requests. This is an unprecedented situation. I haven’t even been asked by the prosecutors about my position, they went straight to asking for my arrest. The reports against me existed also when I was placed under judicial control. Why didn’t they ask that I should be arrested at that point?”

Udrea claims that everything that is happening to her now comes from SRI general Florian Coldea, who made the National Anti-corruption Directorate ( DNA) harass her because she had the courage to publicly expose him.

‘Following two reports, without being asked anything, based on what two people – one I have never seen in my life and don’t know- say, they went straight to asking for my arrest, although these cases already existed at DNA on 29 January, when I was placed under judicial control. What happened between Thursday, 29 January and Tuesday, 3 February in this case that they had to consider preventive arrest in this case, after the two reports that already existed in the case, but were not invoked by prosecutors? Why wasn’t I asked about this by the DNA prosecutors about those two reports then? These are questions which give me reasons to believe that there is an assault against me at present, that I am the target of a denigration action and, at the same time, of an action seeking to silence me. What actually happened between Thursday and Tuesday was the result of my exposure of general Coldea with SRI. This is where this whole unprecedented avalanche of arrest requests for an MP began’, Elena Udrea said.

Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies on Sunday gave a favourable opinion on the prosecutors’ request to commence criminal investigations against Elena Udrea. The vote on lifting her immunity will take place in the Parliament’s plenary sitting on Monday.


Udrea: I am not resigning Parliament, I will wait for the vote of my colleagues


Udrea is not going to resign as a member of Parliament and has decided to wait for the vote of her colleagues on DNA’s request for the approval of her prosecution and arrest in the Gala Bute and Microsoft cases. Udrea told Romania TV on Saturday that she was not resigning Parliament.


Elena Udrea’s lawyer a resounding name in DNA


A few days ago, Elena Udrea was complaining about being unable to find a lawyer because no one dared take up her case. Meanwhile, not only has she found a lawyer, but he happens to be a scare for the DNA prosecutors too, stiripesurse.ro reports.

‘The lawyer hired by Elena Udrea is Alexandru Chiciu. He became known as a prosecutor, and not just any prosecutor. He headed Department II of the National Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office that changed name into DNA. Elena Udrea happens to be now investigated by Department II of DNA, meaning exactly by the department that used to be headed by her lawyer, A. Chiciu’, the same news website says.





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