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April 15, 2021

Alina Gorghiu: PNL will try to dismiss Tariceanu as Head of the Senate, this Chamber needs Liberal chairmanship

National Liberal Party (PNL) wants to dismiss the Head of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu.  PNL Co-Chairman Alina Gorghiu declared on Saturday that, in a week or two, Liberals might announce the change of the majority in the Senate.

“If we are discussing our effort to change majority, it is likely that we will announce it soon, perhaps next week or in two weeks. I would like to do it as fast as possible, because the Senate is an important Chamber and I think that this Chamber needs Liberal chairmanship. I never hid this fact from the public, we are attempting to change the President of the Senate; noneoftheless, I prefer to do it first and to see what happens”, Gorghiu declared at a national meeting of the heads of professional associations and farmers’ association, destined to identify priorities and real development strategies of agriculture, as well as including them in the Liberal governing program.

Asked how many votes PNL needs to change the majority in the Senate, Gorghiu replied that she would not answer to “dry mathematics”.

“I will not answer in figures. You will see at the time we submit the request to change the Head of the Senate how many more votes we have and, certainly, you will get a clear picture”, she continued.

Asked whether PNL had notified President Klaus Iohannis about their intention to gain majority, Gorghiu gave a positive answer.

“As for the intentions of PNL, you must know they were never occult, they were revealed publicly, we also informed the President about them. They were political decisions reached during the political meetings of PNL. Nothing happens under the table, nothing is hidden, everything will be as transparent as possible. Yes, this intention exists. When it will be put into practice, you will see”, Alina Gorghiu mentioned.


Gorghiu about voting in the Udrea case: I know it is painful, but opposition means going one thousand steps backwards.


Asked how would PNL vote in the Chamber of Deputies plenum on the DNA request regarding the arrest of Deputy Elena Udrea, Gorghiu declared that any kind of opposition to approving this request would mean going one thousand steps backwards in the fight against corruption.

“It is not the case to discuss it any longer, because our political decision was already reached, it is the same for everybody and, precisely because we are not making things personal, our decision does not take into account the person, but a principle PNL must respect, considering that we are talking about colleagues.

“I know it is painful, I know that people have personal relations, but I think that any kind of opposition any member of the Parliament or any political party within the Parliament would show to one case on another means going one thousand steps backwards with the reform and with the struggle against corruption”, Alina Gorghiu declared, quoted by Agerpres.









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