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October 21, 2021

First public reaction of Gen. Coldea in Udrea scandal: I categorically reject recent allegations, against me and SRI, they are denigrating and devoid of any real basis

The interim-SRI chief, General Florian Coldea, was heard for five hours yesterday by the Parliamentary Oversight Committee. After the hearing, the general left the meeting to allow the members to debate on the report resulting from the internal SRI probe following Elena Udrea’s disclosures.

Florian Coldea exited the hearing hall accompanies by the Chairman of the joint Committee for the Oversight of SRI, Georgian Pop (PSD), who presented the other topics on the agenda – 2015 security state, main risks and threats SRI is ready to counteract, the consequences of George Maior’s resignation as well as possible consequences on the service of the latest accusations against the SRI heads.

Georgian Pop stressed again that the Committee had not received ‘any complaint, not even on the telephone’ to request any investigations or present evidence to support the allegations brought in the public area.

‘Each colleague on the Committee personally asked all the questions deemed necessary for clarifying the assertions and accusations (…). The security director general will present to the Committee the updated report on the internal SRI probe. At General Coldea’s proposal, we agreed that this part would take place without him present in the room’, Georgian Pop further stated.

Florian Coldea, in turn, made a few statements, noting that he had made available to the Committee all the requested information and answered all questions asked by each member.

He emphasised the fact that ‘the past year was strongly marked by an electoral rhetoric’ but both SRI and the leadership of the institution had positions ‘of complete neutrality and political equidistance’.

Florian Coldea said SRI’s relations with the other institutions, such as DNA or the Office of the Prosecutor General, had been ‘strictly within the limits of the law and cooperation protocol’.

The interim SRI chief also said he had asked for permission to retreat to allow ‘the security director general who had initially performed the internal; checks to report on the results’.

‘I categorically reject all public denigrating and unsubstantiated public assertions’, Florian Coldea said.

He also said that ‘any responsible person who is aware of the law being broken can is must report that’ to the state institutions, including the parliamentary committee.

‘I assured the members of the Committee that SRI continues to do its job at the same standards’, the interim SRI head reassured before leaving the Palace of Parliament, without answering the journalists’ insistent questions.

The SRI internal commission that conducted the internal probe into Elena Udrea’s allegations presented the internal SRI report to the Parliamentary Committee for the Oversight of the Service. The presence of the interim Director of the Service, Florian Coldea, was not allowed during the debates on the report.


SRI presents priorities for 2015


The commission that exercises parliamentary control over the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) presented yesterday, at the end of its hearings of SRI’s leadership, the priorities for 2015. The fight against actions meant to influence the decisions of various state institutions and liable to seriously affect public interest, serious economic-social dysfunctions that affect quality of life, as well as terrorism, were at the top of the list. Likewise, SRI included cross-border organized crime and cyber attacks among its priorities. Another major priority consists of the impact that the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s actions have on national security.






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