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October 27, 2021

Members of Parliament start vote on whether or not Elena Udrea should lose her immunity

The members of Parliament started on Monday evening to vote on whether or not Elena Udrea should lose her immunity. Out of DNA’s requests, three were for arrest and three for prosecution. The vote is a secret one, using balls, in plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies. The Chamber of Deputy has the decision-making power in the matter.

‘There are six topics on the agenda regarding Mrs. Udrea. The first is her prosecution in the Gala Bute case, the second is the expansion to include bribe-taking also in the Gala Bute case, the third one is the arrest request for Gala Bute, the forth is prosecution in the Microsoft case, the fifth is the detention and arrest request in the Microsoft case and the sixth one is the request to change the judicial control measure into arrest also in the Microsoft case’, Chamber Secretary Nicolae Mircovici said before the voting.


Victor Ponta: PSD votes to grant prosecutors’ requests regarding Udrea


Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that PSD’s vote would be one granting the prosecutors’ request for prosecution and arrest in the case of Elena Udrea. Ponta compared Basescu and Udrea with Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu and noted that many of the people with whom they shared power were preparing to form a new Government.

‘It is a decision we made in the parliamentary groups and which shows a certain position that we will have in all cases (…) This is what we discussed in the parliamentary groups, this is our decision, this is what we will do and not because now it happens to be Mrs. Udrea – in December, as you know, we voted regarding our own colleagues I cannot even honestly say are guilty, but that is for justice to decide. This is the decision we made and we need to be consistent’, Victor Ponta said on Romania TV.


PNL leader Alina Gorghiu: ‘We will vote both for Elena Udrea’s prosecution and for her preventive arrest.’


This evening we will vote both for Elena Udrea’s prosecution and for her preventive arrest. The PNL vote will be out in the open, as it was in the past. If the request is denied, you know very well that the majority still belongs to PSD’, Alina Gorghiu says on Facebook.

Ludovic Orban also said the Liberals would vote in favour of DNA’s requests. ‘Obviously in the open, for prosecution and preventive arrest’, Orban said.

PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga, in turn, announced before the voting that PNL would vote ‘in the open’, showing that the Liberals would do that ‘to prevent surprises’. ‘Today, in Parliament, PNL will vote on all three cases in keeping with its principles, we do not vote according to the names of the subjects of justice, we will always grant all requests made by Justice. We will vote in the open to prevent surprises from this point of view’, Vasile Blaga said during a press conference.


PMP leader Eugen Tomac: ‘I hope Mrs. Udrea is able to prove her innocence in Court’


Freshly elected as PMP President, Eugen Tomac said PMP MPs would vote in Parliament ‘for prosecution’ and noted he hoped Udrea was able to prove her innocence in Court. ‘(We will – a/n) vote for prosecution. Our objectives are clear. I hope Mrs. Udrea will be able to prove her innocence in Court’, Tomac said according to Mediafax. He added that Udrea was no longer a member of PMP and that ‘the party would go on’.


Elena Udrea: ‘I am the target of an action intended to silence me’


Udrea said on Sunday, before the Legal Committee of the Parliament hearings on the DNA requests regarding her, on Sunday that she would not resist criminal investigations.

‘I have never resisted my prosecution. I have never resisted investigations. I don’t think the Parliament should be a shied against criminal investigations. What happens in my case shows an exceptional situation – three arrest requests. This is an unprecedented situation. I haven’t even been asked by the prosecutors about my position on the charges brought against me’, Udrea said. The MP believes she is the target of an attack designed to silence her. ‘If the reports that were taken seriously were already on file on Thursday, why weren’t they invoked by the prosecutors? I believe I am the subject of an assault, that I am the target of a denigration campaign and, at the same time, of an action the finality of which is my silence. They want me to be silent’, Elena Udrea further said.

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