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December 1, 2021

PM Ponta: CSAT should not discuss criminal cases

Prime Minister Victor Ponta says the Supreme Council for Country’s Defence (CSAT) should not discuss criminal cases. He asserted this on Sunday night at the Romania TV station, in relation with the possibility of discussing the accusations made by former minister Elena Udrea, MP against intelligence services.

‘There is no such a proposal to date. If there will be something pertaining to national security, we will discuss it; otherwise, nothing pertaining to justice is within CSAT’s attributions. And we should not discuss in the CSAT cases, denounces and this kind of fights,’ Ponta answered a question on addressing Udrea’s accusations in the spring sitting of CSAT, as mentioned by President Klaus Iohannis.

Ponta also declared he will attend the Parliament’s sitting on Monday, where the president will give a speech.

In a separate argument, the prime minister said former president Traian Basescu should also be held responsible because ‘Traian Basescu’s regime, through its representatives – Mr. Basescu, Mrs. Udrea and other people – perpetrated lots of infringements of laws, of democratic principles.’ He added he wanted justice carried out, even if delayed.


PSD to vote in Parliament for the arrest of MP Udrea


Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared that his Social Democratic Party (PSD) will vote in the Parliament in favour of prosecutors’ request to arrest and investigate former minister Elena Udrea, MP, just like in any other similar cases.

This was a decision taken by PSD’s parliamentary groups in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, concerning all cases, nu just Udrea’s, the prime minister mentioned. He reminded PSD’s vote approving the arrest of some of its own members in December; the justice has to establish their guilt, Ponta added.

About the charges against Udrea, Ponta said all those who are guilty shoud pay, and there was not just one perpetrator. He asserted Udrea and former president Traian Basescu were just peaks, like former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena. There are more politicians involved who are ‘just as guilty, and whom I see now preparing majorities and preparing themselves to govern,’ the prime minister told the Romania TV station.

He specified he was talking about former ministers, but refused to make any name.

The Judiciary Committee of the Chamber of Deputies has approved on Sunday the requests of arresting and investigating deputy Elena Udrea; the plenum of the Chamber must now vote on this matter.


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