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July 31, 2021

Why did Basescu stay silent? Former spokesperson and two political opponents answer

Traian Basescu has finally broken silence 10 days after the start of the Udrea-Coldea (SRI) scandal in which the former head of his presidential chancellery, trusted collaborator and political personality in which Basescu has stated so many times that he has the biggest confidence, has simply detonated the public space through the accusations launched against the leadership of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), blaming the latter of violating its prerogatives, engaging in abusive practices of influencing the judiciary and the investigations, and of harboring relations with controversial businessmen involved in resounding corruption cases.

Many wondered why Basescu remained silent for so long. Former collaborators, analysts, journalists, opponents or supporters of the former President tried to find explanations for the former head of state’s silence in what concerned the Udrea-Coldea scandal, a behavior that ran completely against the former president’s outspoken and loud style.

Without confirming his participation at the Congress of People’s Movement Party (PMP), the party whose spiritual father he is, despite the fact that he had received an invitation from the party’s leadership several days before, Basescu unexpectedly appeared at the Palace of Parliament, in front of the 756 party delegates that franticly applauded and cheered him on, and came to Elena Udrea’s defense, giving her the signal that she is not alone in her fight against the “system.” A system both of them were part of until not long ago, and against which they had nothing notable to say for as long as Basescu held the influential position of head of state.

Basescu’s intervention from the rostrum of the PMP Congress, apart from eulogizing his own accomplishments during his 10 years in office, accomplishments to the defense of which he felt the need to come himself, seeing – as he himself put it – that they are the target of so much criticism lately, was dotted with furious attacks against the press and political opponents. However, it was also meant to be a pleading in favor of Elena Udrea, whom he thanked, whom he praised for the delicacy of not being present at the Congress in these moments when she is investigated, but also about whom he said that he hopes she will be able to prove her innocence.

It’s not hard at all to sense why Basescu remained silent for so long in this scandal. The former head of state surely weighed very well his public appearance and statements in this scandal between Udrea and Coldea, the more so since he is not in a simple position at all, but was caught in the middle in a dispute between two persons from the main circle of power and influence built around him while he was president. Persons he expressed confidence in on so many occasions and who are now at war. Basescu probably hesitated to speak or express any opinions in this scandal until he was sure how to do it.

On one hand this is about Elena Udrea, for whom he has always shown weakness and on whom Basescu banked so many times politically and professionally, sometimes at the risk of breaking the Constitution, and as recently as during the presidential elections campaign last November, when Basescu publicly expressed his preference for the PMP candidate despite the fact that the Constitution requires him to be politically neutral. On the other hand this is about an influential SRI general, a professional of the intelligence services field, who gradually won Basescu’s confidence during the period in which he was head of state, starting in 2005 when Florian Coldea played a crucial role in solving the crisis of the Romanian journalists held hostage in Iraq.

The irreversible “break” between Elena Udrea and Florian Coldea, two people that have a great deal of influence over the former president, probably occurred in the final months of Traian Basescu’s term in office. Now caught between a rock and a hard place, in a war between two persons that hold so many secrets and influence, what else could Traian Basescu have possibly done except to very well and carefully calculate his public appearance and statements about this scandal?

Basescu’s not-at-all-by-chance silence is weighed in the following lines by his former spokesperson Adriana Saftoiu and by two of his permanent political opponents, who are trying to explain the cowardice he has shown: Greater Romania Party (PRM) President Corneliu Vadim Tudor and Conservative Party (PC) Founder Dan Voiculescu, the latter being currently jailed for the fraudulent privatization of ICA.



Adriana Saftoiu: Traian Basescu’s deafening silence


The greatest shock of these days comes from Traian Basescu, not from Elena Udrea. His silence is absolutely deafening and gross. Elena Udrea would have never existed as a political personality, if not for Traian Basescu’s ambition to forcefully impose her against all evidences. It is obvious that Elena Udrea wanted it, too. But she would have wanted it in vain, if not for Mr. President’s intentions.

It is obvious that, besides Traian Basescu, there are other voices delving into silence; voices that used to find themselves on stages arranged for the deification of politics’ strongest woman. Normally, for all who fawned around Elena Udrea, for all who contributed by noisy applause, apoteotic speeches, invertebrate bows, there should be a really tight place, to fit their character, in order to gather them all and force them to endlessly listen to their own speeches throughout the years.

Elena Udrea seems to have no chance to get away untouched after all the crimes she committed these years. But if any of those who accompanied her on her political route, even for fear of Traian Basescu, think that they will get away just because they are not heard these days, they are lying to themselves. The only sentence worse than a legal verdict is the condemnation of the collective memory. The politician Elena Udrea only existed because of Traian Basescu, and Traian Basescu was able to impose her because nobody opposed it; neither did those who are accusing her now, nor those who stand still, hoping the escape the steamroller.

I am the first person who gained Traian Basescu’s dislike because of Elena Udrea. And I did not have an argument with her. I had an issue with the man who, for three years, before being elected President of this country, kept telling us that Nastase’s Mafia was based on the Cocos-Bitner-Petrache triumvirate. When he told me that Mrs. Udrea was to be his state advisor, I asked what qualified her for this position and whether the fact that she was the wife of the guy Basescu had ranted about in press conferences did not matter at all. He got upset and provided me some explanations: “Cocos withdrew in time”, “He is not that guilty”.

Udrea’s supporters did not fear Traian Basescu particularly; they feared that they would lose privileges, that they would be cast away from the generous breast of power, if they opposed what the boss wanted. Yet, the man who owes the most to Mrs. Udrea is Basescu himself. It is true that, in ten years of his presidential terms, the two persons were never touched, at least by a question, of the investigating institutions of the state. The  collaboration with Traian Basescu got increasingly viced and virused. I was the only one pointing out firmly that everything said, done and rumoured is wrong. Mrs. Udrea’s party colleagues kept giving me compassionate glances. They could simply not understand why I was not able to keep calm and cling to my position on Cotroceni’s dusty tapestry. Perhaps someof them are still wondering about it. Who was I fighting with? With Traian Basescu, his will and the system willing to serve him? Eventually, I left, because his will, the system that gained contour and their fear could not be defeated, especially that worshipers were everywhere: from the media to the civil society. If I even dared to show some critical twist about the President that, alas, was reforming Justice, Services, Society in its entirety, I was a traitor, ungrateful and envious. Would the overall view be similar if all who were warned and who knew what was happening would have reacted at the beginning.

Many times, I have predicted correctly the results of political games. In Traian Basescu’s case, I was rarely wrong. And there are enough persons who can confirm that I had told him seven years ago that this story would not end well and that this ambition would ruin him. It was not a big deal if it had ruined him alone; but it ruined the country as well. And yet, I admit that I was wrong when I was confident that Traian Basescu would be loyal at least to Elena Udrea. For better or worse. I was sure that Elena Udrea would be the one detaching herself from him, once he stopped being a President. And, actually, regardless of how many things I imagined about Traian Basescu, this one absolutely beats me: Traian Basescu telling Elena Udrea, after ten years, that he felt good in the middle of his family.

I remember one of my few conversations with Elena Udrea that ventured beyond the subjects strictly connected to our activity at Cotroceni. We were at Kishinev, during Traian Basescu’s second official visit. It was a tempestuous visit, much to Voronin’s dislike. To show us that we were unwelcome, the Moldovan protocol officials kept our entire delegation on the hallway, without offering us as much as a glass of water. Andrei Plesu, the most brave of us all, sat down on a random chair from an office that belonged to someone we did not know. Elena and I stood in the hallway. We were both maintaining an attitude that was appropriate for a public institution. We were chatting about nothing relevant, when Elena suddenly asked me: “You are working with the President for a long time. Is it true what they say? That he is grateful to no one?” I was surprised. And I supposed that, regardless of my answer, it would get to Traian Basescu as well. So, I preferred not to lie to her, but not to help her either. I resumed to say: “You will see!”


Dan Voiculescu: Basescu  is hiding like a rat while his protegee is facing terrible accusations


Dan Voiculescu spoke out in the scandal surrounding Elena Udrea. On Saturday, Dan Voiculescu posted on his personal blog a message dedicated to former President Traian Basescu, chastising him for ’hiding like a rat’ as his protegee was facing terrible accusations.

“After having proved the nation his lack of patriotism, his lack of character, his lack of professionalism, his lack of ethics and having succeeded in imposing a dictatorship that divided society into social classes and empowered hatred as state politics, Basescu Traian had one thing left to prove: his cowardice and his obsequious nature. Apart from the so-called, politician, I cannot help noticing the cowardice shown by the man Traian Basescu.

He is hiding now like a rat, during the days and hours his protegee is exposed having committed so many crimes in this country, in complicity with him. Courage is an attribute of strong people, and honour and dignity are priceless values of a human being”, Dan Voiculescu wrote on his personal blog.


PRM President: I hate it when a wolf pack invades  a defenseless woman


PRM President Corneliu Vadim Tudor seems to be Elena Udrea’s sole ally in her fight with the present Head of SRI Florian Coldea. Vadim seems annoyed with the fact that a wolf pack invades a defenseless woman and accuses General Coldea of interfering in the electoral campaign as well.

“I am writing these lines with terrible bitterness. I have no reason whatsoever to defend Elena Udrea. I only met her one time in my life, at a reception at Cotroceni Palace. Things were going well for her then. In the meantime, everyone around her collapsed: Traian Basescu, Dorin Cocos, etc. Yet, I hate it when a wolf pack invades a defenseless woman. What entitles the walking skeleton C. T. Popescu to attack Elena Udrea? This bulge-eyed hysterical (person, editor’s note) also barks at the man who had royally paid him for many years, Adrian Sirbu. What a jerk! A similar jerk is the arrogant Florica Coldea who, after being a Major, fights with all his might to replace… Maior. He will not. But he will end up in jail, he may be sure about that. I hope that the Romanian society will find out how the SRI interfered in defrauding elections and how much black money  circulated all over. Because I must point out that the most votes were stolen from me and PRM. When I was pointing out the revolting frauds, some people declared that I was a lunatic, suffering of persecution mania. Here, the electoral theft starts to be exposed. But who will bring us back the stolen votes? We were removed, by gross stealing, from the Romanian Parliament and from the European Parliament. And the main bandit, F. Coldea, is still running the games; that is, until he will be cut and hanged , Vadim wrote on his Facebook page, according to B1.ro.

“I advise Elena Udrea to tell everything she knows, regardless of what would happen. At least she lets it all out and the secret of the outrageous electoral defrauding will be revealed. All these elections must be cancelled. They do not represent our nation’s will; they are the result of the sick minds of a few bastards. Now, I have the confirmation of all things I have been writing for many years: Our country is in the hands of bastards. ( ) If Elena Udrea ends up behind bars, she will take with her all the men hunting her now. Who would have thought we would end up here? And it is only the beginning” , Vadim wrote on his Facebook account.


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