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January 27, 2022

Control Commission finds no unlawfulness in SRI, magistrates interaction

The Standing Parliamentary Commission for the control of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) activity announced on Monday that it found no elements of unlawfulness in the manner of the SRI interaction with the magistrates.

According to a release to Agerpres, after the SRI management was heard with respect to possible interference in the judiciary system or intervention in magistrates’ cases, the commission found that ‘in 2014, the cooperation between the SRI and the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) and the SRI and the Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism  (DIICOT) was conducted under very good conditions, as statistic data was unveiled highlighting a significant rise in the number of notices sent by the SRI to the two institutions both at a central and territorial level’.

The SRI management, the release added, gave ‘pertinent reasons’ during Monday’s hearing for the need of an urgent passage of a set of national security laws, including the cyber security of Romania, so that such laws should fully observe the constitutional provisions, the fundamental human rights and the need of legal instruments for the preservation of Romania’s state of security.

As regards recent accusations of SRI’s failure to respect its political neutrality, the commission found that ‘during George Cristian Maior’s tenure, security policies and levers were created and developed directed towards the observance of such legal requirements by all the SRI staff. Furthermore, Mr Maior and (SRI interim Director) General (Florian) Coldea have constantly cautioned the entire staff over the observance of these legal demands, while at the same time enhancing the internal security’, the commission stressed.


Hurezeanu: At the time being, we have a distorted image of SRI


Journalist Emil Hurezeanu commented for the TV station Digi24 the decision of the SRI Control Committee after interrogating General Florian Coldea on the scandal started by Elena Udrea, mentioning that, for the time being, we have a distorted image of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

Journalist Emil Hurezeanu said that it was for the first time after the Revolution of 1989 that the activity of SRI is questioned. Also, Hurezeanu expressed the opinion that we cannot establish the accurate image of SRI, referring to the analysis of the SRI Control Committee, compared to the representation of the institution provided by Elena Udrea.

“Mr. Coldea seems tired. I see that these discussions between Merkel and Putin have created a trend: discussions that last five hours and have no results. So it was in the case of Mr. Coldea and of the gentlemen accompanying him, who were careful not to be filmed frontally while arriving to the institution. We saw a few massive oaks from behind, all of them generals. Then we say a stone-faced Mr. Coldea, focused, yet moved, trying to contain his emotions. He has nothing to reproach to himself. The statements made against him are denigrating. We cannot jump to any conclusions because, frankly, the members of the committee seemed more appropriate choices for SRI members. Before and after the hearing”, journalist Emil Hurezeanu declared, mentioning though that it is impossible to say what SRI meant now.

“I do not actually know what SRI means. Do we have an image of the SRI that is closer to what Ms. Udrea describes now? Do we have an image that is closer to what the head of CIA might describe? We have our own experience regarding how these institutions work. The mystery veiled in an enigma preserves its power of excitement and its power of mystification. We have a distorted image because it is for the first time, after 25 years, when the way this institution works and the actions of its professional leader are being questioned by one of the most active and influential political and public persons”, Emil Hurezeanu explained.


Savu, SRI Committee: SRI knew Alina Bica was investigated by DNA at the time she was appointed at DIICOT


PSD Senator Daniel Savu (photo) , former SRI officer and member of the SRI Parliament Control Committee declared on Monday evening for the TV station Antena 3 that the Service was aware of the Mafia Alina Bica had joined, at the time she was appointed Head of DIICOT. Daniel Savu added that this thing was revealed to the members of the Committee at the meeting in the Parliament with Interim Head of SRI Florian Coldea. Also, “SRI did not inform Traian Basescu regarding Bica,” Daniel Savu mentioned, after seven hours of discussions with Florian Coldea.

Why was the Head of the State not notified that he was to appoint a corrupted person in charge with combatting organized crime? Daniel Savu explained that Traian Basescu was not the beneficiary of the information in this situation and, if he requested no details regarding Bica, SRI did not give them. If he had requested, he had received, Savu also added. He explained that the beneficiary of the information was the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA). In other words, SRI discovered Bica’s actions, forwarded the information to DNA, yet Traian Basescu, the person who signed the decree appointing Bica, was not announced by anyone.

Then, why did SRI allow Bica to become Head of DIICOT? To be able to gather more incriminating information and to make an undefendable file, Daniel Savu suggested.


Savu: Basescu misinformed public opinion


Former Head of the State Traian Basescu was accused by a member of the SRI Control Committee that he misinformed public opinion. Senator Daniel Savu declared that, if Traian Basescu had certain information regarding the cases of Alina Bica or Elena Udrea, he could have notified the Parliament committee or dismissed anyone in SRI.

“If Mr. Basescu wants to address anyone, he may address them. We cannot call him to a hearing because we have no attributions concerning him, and we cannot call Mr. Maior to a hearing either, to tell us what happened. If Mr. Maior wishes to defend his term, he may speak out in public and tell us what he thinks is important, why he accepted Ms. Udrea to come to SRI headquarters. If Mr. Maior had summoned him, the Chief-Deputy had to be present. It is likely that Mr. Maior adopted some preventive measures, so that he would not be alone at those conversations”, Daniel Savu, PSD Senator and member in the SRI Control Committee declared.

“Mr. Traian Basescu misinforms the public opinion telling that he had no ability in this matter and that the Parliament Committee was supposed to… We were not notified at that time. If he was provided certain information and knew that he had to notify the Parliament Committe or, as the Head of CSAT, he should have adopted the adequate measures. He could have dismissed anyone, except for the chairman – who may only be replaced by the Parliament – but the Deputies, the professional military officers were in his hands. He could have done anything in CSAT if he wanted to”, Daniel Savu declared referring to Basescu’s statements made on Sunday, when he declared that Elena Udrea had told him the same things about General Coldea she had revealed in the press, before making them public.

“Elena Udrea told me these things. I can strongly confirm she told them to me, but the President has no means to check this information. It is not a possibility of the President, but of the Parliament. The President is solely a beneficiary of the information”, the former President of Romania had declared on Sunday.





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