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April 12, 2021

Elena Udrea’s gesture and visiting the farm at Nana on Monday evening, signs for Basescu?

The gesture made in the Parliament on Monday evening by Elena Udrea after her speech in the Plenum, gathered to vote on the DNA requests to approve the legal pursuit and the arrest of the former Minister, as well as Elena Udrea’s visit, during the same evening, immediately after finishing her speech, at the headquarters of her company at Nana on the same night might be warning signals, according to the analysis provided by a police officer as well as in the opinion of a former SRI officer. They were most likely signs to Traian Basescu, Senator Daniel Savu declared.


Silence promised to a brother


Elena Udrea managed to cause a lot of controversy with a gesture she made Monday night, when, after finishing her speech in Parliament, looked straight into the camera and touched the right side of her nose. Udrea explained that the gesture was meant for someone dear to her, without saying who that person was.

Elena Udrea’s gesture is cited in the specialised literature. In the ‘Masonry Monitor’ book, written by Malcom C. Duncan, the gesture Udrea made and its meaning in Free Masonry is described in detail. Touching one’s nose with the finger means telling your brother to keep silence. The gesture could also be interpreted as silence promised to a brother.

Dumitru Coarna, Vice-President of the Police Officers’ Union, considered that Elena Udrea had made a warning signal when she ostentatiously put her hand on her nose in front of the camera, in a gesture that was not spontaneous, but an obviously well prepared move.

“These gestures are practiced in the world of spies, as well as in the world of Mafia clans when they are unable to communicate directly or by phone. Obviously, if the coded language belongs to a given group, it may only be deciphered by the police officer who had sneaked inside that group or who directly on the respective case. But general, custom gestures are obvious and they have a meaning that is known to anybody. Putting your index finger on your nose is a gesture done before and I think it means: “Take care, it depends on you if I let it all out or not! Take care, I have not yet played all my cards”, DCNews reports.


Nana might be the first piece in the “Basescu case”


PSD Senator Daniel Savu, formerly a SRI officer, thinks that pressing the right nostril with the index finger is a message to someone far apart. In the context of the explanation provided by Elena Udrea on Facebook, Savu thinks it is a message for Traian Basescu. “We have not talked, Traian. Do anything you can to save me”, Savu declared for Antena 3.

Asked about the meaning of the gesture to visit the headquarters of the company that managed the farm at Nana, Savu thinks that the respective field is a touchy point, “that might represent the first piece in the Basescu case”.




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