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June 25, 2022

Carmen Iohannis explains why she was moved by her meeting with the Romanian community in France: It hurt to see how many hours they had to spend in the rain…

Accompanying her husband in an official capacity abroad, the First Lady, Carmen Iohannis, explained in an interview for Prima TV why she was so moved by the meeting with the representatives of the Romanian community in France, during the reception offered by the Romanian Embassy in Paris Tuesday night. Carmen Iohannis confessed also that she hasn’t got used with the role of First Lady yet, but added that she was trying her best and that this first official visit of the head of state which she participated in was very pleasant.

The First Lady also gave a few details on how she would divide her time between Sibiu and Bucharest, noting, however, that her plans were not yet final.


Did you expect that many people? I can see you are moved!


Yes, I was close to the people who voted on 16 November. It hurt to see how many hours they had to spend in the rain, under terrible conditions… of course we are moved. We cannot be any more moved than here, because these are dear people who were by our side and the presence of whom we are now enjoying for the first time.


The President said he would like to see as many Romanians as possible while abroad.


Yes, that’s true. However, time doesn’t allow us to meet more, but even so it’s good we could meet now.


Does your time allow you to travel?


Yes! I have organized the classes at school in such a way as to be able to travel every now and then, do something different, not just teaching.


Are you going to live in Sibiu for now?


Yes. I’ll go to school in Sibiu for two days and the rest… I will probably move to Bucharest, or we’ll see. When we have our place in Bucharest, we’ll see.


Will you accompany the President on other visits?


Of course I will. I’ll go with him whenever it is necessary.



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