Defence Minister Dusa: The two NATO command centres in Romania to be strictly defensive capabilities, the same as the Deveselu base

National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa said, on Thursday, in Buzau (north-east of Bucharest), that the two NATO command centres that would be set up in Romania would be strictly defensive capabilities, the same as the Deveselu base (south-western Romania).

‘Information war is a method that is used in certain situations. That is why, I say that whatever is said about the re-ensuring measures on the eastern flank of NATO and the European Union, and about the Deveselu base, these capabilities are strictly capabilities defensive and regard the allies’ defence under Article 5 of the Treaty,’ said Mircea Dusa while present at the self-assessment activity of the Getica 2nd Infantry Division headquartered in Buzau.

On this occasion, the minister assured that he would take all measures that the two command centres planned to be set up in Romania ‘be operational in the shortest time possible,’ and in the coming days the locations where these will operate will be decided.

‘Romania must operationalize two command centres. At the level of the Joint General Staff, responsibilities have already been established, and in the coming days we will also approve the locations where these command centres will operate. As of next week, we will operationalize them also from a material and staff-related standpoints so that these command centres be active, operational, in a short term for that of NFIU  [NATO Force Integration Units] type and a time horizon of some two years until the Warsaw Summit in 2016, the second one,’ said Dusa quoted by Agerpres.


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