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June 25, 2022

Geoana says new majority in the Senate will be shaped within a week

Senator Mircea Geoana, excluded from the Social Democrat Party (PSD) in December 2014, said on Thursday that within one week a new majority will be shaped in the Romanian Senate, after which “in a political mimetic effect”, the same will happen in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The Senate majority is very fluid and my estimate is that in the following days, at most a week we will have a concrete majority in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies, respectively, in a political mimetic effect. The people are already certain that the future is for a political construction which would represent the Romanian Left in a strategic partnership with the Romanian Right. Therefore, my judgment is that in the following days or weeks, both in the Senate in a first stage and in the Chamber of Deputies, in a second stage we shall witness a change of the majority. My appeal to my Senate and Chamber colleagues is to come with bravery next to me and next to us, because we represent the future, and the current PSD leadership is the past. We do not want to send the Romanian social-democracy to the Opposition, we want to keep it at rule in a country project,” Geoana said at the Parliament Palace.

He added that, after the parliamentary majority is changed the senators and deputies of the New Social Democrat Project (NPSD) he has initiated with his political partners, has to prepare to give a new Government. Geoana mentioned he had no talks with the liberals about positions or politicians names to fill in positions in the Parliament or in the new government and that he, personally doesn’t wish the Senate Chair.

“The individuals are less important and they should be more decent in expressing personal ambitions, and that includes me too. My ambition is not personal, I have nothing to prove. (…) The role me and my colleagues are going to play will be defined by us when the country project will be outlined. Normally, the new PNL is to receive the (leading) positions in the Parliament since it is the largest political group,” Geoana concluded.


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