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December 1, 2021

Hurezeanu about Udrea case: The public opinion will continue being shattered by disclosures

Journalist Emil Hurezeanu commented for Digi24 the case of Elena Udrea, mentioning that “we are at the beginning of an impressive suite of scandals”. “The public opinion in Romania will continue being shattered by disclosures”, the journalist declared.

Emil Hurezeanu explained for Digi24 why all these disclosures were taking place now. “It is one of the few obvious conclusions to be drawn after this scandal that appeared at the top of our country’s political and institutional system; between a highly influential Minister and one of the top controllers of the tools of power in the last ten years, Elena Udrea and the intelligence services, as SRI, through its interim representative Mr. Coldea. This state, with its institutions, including those that are doing their job fine, so to say, are summoned to testify, to read files, to compare to one another in front of a hearing committee that broadcasts acts of accusation and preventive arrest requests. So, all these institutions, named DNA, SRI, Ministry, Government, Presidency, camouflaged one way or another this potential for conflict jumping now like an explosion. It is a piece of a bomb! There is no other conclusion. We cannot blame anyone. We may accept that, obviously, the persons are responsible for their own actions and that most felonies surround Ms. Udrea. And the suspicions against Ms. Udrea will turn into accusation accounts”, Emil Hurezeanu pointed out for Digi24.


The state has pampered this story that includes theft, abuse, excess of power


The journalist went on to declare that the state, by its representatives, has “pampered, sheltered, protected and brooded this story that includes theft, abuse, excess of power, indifference to the governed society, violating laws and Romania’s underdevelopment”.

“I think that the Romanian society is on a path of clarifications and the events happening right now are a major moment of clarity, as they have to do with justice, with illustrious wrongdoers, with the shady relations of protection inside the system. Things more or less troubling for us will continue resurfacing. We are at the beginning of an impressive suite of scandals and the public opinion in Romania will continue being shattered by disclosures, but there is also room for rectifications. The state that allowed abuse is now the same state that admits to it”, journalist Emil Hurezeanu concluded.


The protocol incident on the Paris airport, under examination


President Klaus Iohannis made an unexpected gesture on Tuesday, while arriving to the airport in Paris. Before getting in the presidential limousine, the Head of the State waited that someone would take the coat he was holding in his hand. As nobody reacted properly, the President threw his coat on the roof of the car. Journalist Emil Hurezeanu commented on President Klaus Iohannis’ gesture. “When he was a teacher at the Brukenthal High School or a Mayor in Sibiu, was there always somebody to take his coat?”, the journalist rhetorically wondered.

“I do not understand why he did not put his coat on the front seat or why he did not hand it over to one of the attendants. Why did he not request the help of the lady carrying a bouquet of flowers, who was the Head of Romanian Protocol. Besides carrying the bouquet, she was supposed to provide help during the moments of insecurity and partial errancy Mr. Iohannis could have experienced at the unknown and unwelcoming runway of the Le Bourget Airport”, Emil Hurezeanu declared for Digi24.

Moreover, the journalist pointed out that Iohannis should have been helped by the French security guards, “because it is an official visit in France, not a work visit. This time, the car was not the automobile owned by the Romanian Ambassador to Paris, as it used to be during Basescu’s time, but a Citroen, an automobile provided by the French state protocol. Obviously, we have an Audi, a Mercedes, even in Francophone capitals. I do not think Mr. Iohannis was in a situation to lose his temper. If he actually did, he was wrong. He could have held the coat in his lap”, Emil Hurezeanu also added.

“When he was a high school teacher or a Mayor in Sibiu, was there always somebody to take his coat as he got in an armour-plated limousine with tinted glass windows, surrounded by four careless security officers concerned more by other people’s coats, that might actually jeopardize Mr. Iohannis’ coat? I mean that, usually, bodyguards do not look at the subject, they are turning their backs on the subject. Perhaps he did not lose his temper, after all. Perhaps he just wanted to keep the coat there, before sitting down”, Emil Hurezeanu concluded.




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