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August 8, 2022

Russia warns Romania

The Head of the Centre for Political and Military Studies in Moscow, Lieutenant – Colonel Vladimir Evseev, says that if Romania, which is a NATO member, lets itself dragged in the confrontation of the North-Atlantic Alliance and Russia, military troops will be forced to neutralize certain military targets on the territory of our country.

Moscow has also made a list of these targets, and the list also includes the future command center to be positioned by NATO on Romania’s territory.

“On the territory of Crimea, a group of well-trained and autonomous terrestrial armed forces is being formed. Various devices will be available there, able to neutralize all possible threats. Unfortunately, if Romania lets herself dragged in this kind of confrontation, it is impossible not to put various military bases in Romania on the list of targets to be neutralized with various kinds of weapons. After military evaluations made by Russia, the military bases about to be built in Romania will provide the opportunity for more than missile defence devices. Russia is terribly worried that cruise missiles may be launched there as well, or similar devices. Russia will be forced to react not only to the appearance of command center, but also to that of any weapon deposits or any other kind of military infrastructure. We know that offensive potential may be created in Romania as well, this is why we will also seek means to annihilate the Romanian military fleet as well. I think that the confrontation will increase between our countries and unfortunately, we are entitled to have this opinion”, Vladimir Evseev, the Head of the Centre for Political and Military Studies in Moscow declared to Liviu Iurea, TVR correspondent in Moscow.




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