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May 18, 2022

Who wins and who loses from the outburst of Udrea’s files?

The bomb that was detonated after Elena Udrea was brought to the DNA, at the end of January, had a significant impact on the political stage. Who were the actors that gained points and who were the ones that lost points after the scandal was started? Politologist Alfred Bulai  (photo) answers these questions for the news site DCNews.

Bulai claims that the great winner of the whole situation is the old National Liberal Party (PNL), due to consolidate its position on two directions: first, inside the new party, the new PNL, resulted from the merger, where Democratic Liberal party (PDL) members will cut back their expectations and accept the supporting role.


PDL would have disappeared, if they did not merge into PNL


“PDL is the main target aimed by prosecutors’ files and the scandal started by Elena Udrea”, politologist Alfred Bulai declared. The stars of the Basescu – Boc regime are in the attention of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) or at least suspected by the public opinion, even if prosecutors have yet to reach to the end of the line. It was sheer luck for PDL that they have merged with PNL, otherwise the party could have disappeared under the shock of such massive blows. Fortunately for the party, the targeted characters were already withdrawn from politics or reduced to a minor role. The former PNL members’ negociation force grew inside the new PNL”, Bulai declared.


PNL wants justice above all


On the other hand, the image of PNL has a lot to gain, Bulai thinks. PNL is the party that gave the President, who achieved an excellent popularity rate and acted as a locomotive for the Liberals. “Moreover, in the Iohannis – PNL time, Justice is being made and the public can see it. An important part of the electorate, that was demanding “Justice above all”, which actually consists of USL voters, is satisfied today by the Elena Udrea file”, the politologist shows.


Nobody asks about IMF


Social Democratic Party (PSD) has nothing to win or lose as a result of this scandal, yet Victor Ponta may gain a capital of image. “Do not forget that the Microsoft file was started by a notification sent by the Government! And Ponta was an outspoken adversary of Basescu and Udrea, and so on. Moreover, while the agenda of the media is focused solely on what happens to Elena Udrea, nobody asks Ponta anything about the discussions with the IMF or other Government issues”, Alfred Bulai says.


Basescu, a series of mistakes; Udrea, great artistic image


Elena Udrea left a great artistic impression; she exquisitely performed the only role that could save some of her image, Bulai thinks. On the contrary, Traian Basescu destroyed his, both in the eyes of his supporters and in those of the neutral public. “He made one mistake after the other”, Alfred Bulai outlines. “He spoke out too late to defend Elena Udrea. So to say; as his appearance at the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Congress cannot be considered as an actual supporting action. If he adopted the strategy of silence, he should not have appeared at the Congress. People saw that he was afraid, that he tried to avoid subjects, that he pretended to defend her when he actually had abandoned her. They thought that he was sheltering himself, that he was trying to get away, to deny evidences after they had been inseparable. I think that the small amount of appreciation left for Basescu will all melt away as a result of his poorly chosen appearance at the Congress”, Bulai concluded.





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