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February 3, 2023

DNA published Elena Udrea’s arrest paperwork: PDL, one of the beneficiaries of bribes in the Microsoft file. Party leaders deny involvement

The Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) was one of the beneficiaries of the bribes in the Microsoft file, shows the paperwork of the prosecutors in Elena Udrea’s files. Investigators provide a detailed explanation of the mechanism Elena Udrea used to perform operations specific to the crime of money laundering.

Some of these were the sale and purchase of goods, granting loans and taking a huge credit under dubious conditions. All of these provided enough reasons for DNA prosecutors to file a request to the Court demanding Elena Udrea’s preventive arrest for 30 days. She used to commit influence peddling at the highest level, prosecutors point out in the arrest paperwork. There are three charges of influence peddling, based on which the prosecutors demanded preventive arrest. In the Microsoft file, Elena Udrea is accused of having interfered for the approval of the contract, in 2009, and Dorin Cocos, her husband at that time, allegedly cashed the money.

“Actually, defendant Udrea Elena Gabriela trafficked her position and her influence at the level of the Government, directly and indirectly, towards influence buyers, using Dorin Cocos as an intermediary, and received undeserved benefits totalizing EUR 9 million.”

Influence peddling is also the accusation for the contract E-Romania, where she allegedly intervened so that the company that delivered the software and the devices was paid in due time.

“In 2010, Cocos Dorin, based on an agreement with Udrea Elena Gabriela, demanded the sum of approximately EUR 3 million to unblock payments for the contract. The demanded sum was transferred in his account (…) from an account from Dubai, and the difference was paid in cash.”

The third accusation of influence peddling was made based on Dinu Pescariu’s denunciation.

“Defendant Udrea Elenea Gabriela demanded and received the sum of EUR 500,000 to solve (Dinu Pescariu’s, editor’s note) legal issues. There are clues showing that the payment of the money was made in several tranches, during July 2013 – February 2014.”

Elena Udrea is accused of having hidden the true nature of the provenience of goods, of their property and the path of the money she made as a result of influence peddling.”

“It was established that, during 2009 – 2013, Cocos Dorin and Udrea Elena sold and respectively purchased several real estate properties. There are clues showing that this was one of the ways they hid the provenience of the money and the financial path. Therefore, through sale and purchase of real estate goods or “future goods”, granting loans and respectively signing a credit of EUR 3,297,000, Udrea Elena Gabriela performed operations specific for money laundering.

Evidence also shows that a major part of the money gained from bribes was forwarded to PDL.

Elena Udrea and Emil Boc supported Minister Gabriel Sandu’s initiative to adopt a government decision and allocate the necessary budget for the purchase of  Microsoft IT licences, says the DNA report based on which the prosecutors asked for Elena Udrea’s arrest. The prosecutors also say that the recipients of the sums from the payments made under the contact are, among others, Sandu Gabriel, Cocos Dorin and the Liberal Democratic Party, that benefited from the payment of electoral materials through ex-Minister Sandu Gabriel.

The prosecutors argue that ‘the defendant Sandu Gabriel – Minister of Communications at the date, proceeded to the procurement and conclusion of the licensing agreement following the pressure put on him by Udrea Elena Gabriela, as a member of the Government and PDL Vice President, as well as under the pressure put by other persons from the leadership of the party’.

‘The testimonial evidence indicates that, for the promotion of the Government Decision No. 460/2009 and allocation of the necessary budget, the defendant Sandu Gabriel benefited from the support of Minister Udrea Elena Gabriela and Prime Minister Emil Boc, of Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu, Roberta Anastase and Gheorghe Stefan’, states the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors’ report on the Microsoft case.

The prosecutors say in their report that ‘the beneficiaries of the sums from the payments made under the contract are, among others, the defendant Sandu Gabriel, the defendant Cocos Dorin and the Liberal Democratic Party that benefited from the payment of electoral materials through the defendant Sandu Gabriel’.

Former Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu, current on detention in the Microsoft case, reportedly told prosecutors that some of the bribe received in the Microsoft case had ended up with former PDL ministers. According to him, ex-Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase and former Ministers Adriean Videanu and Radu Berceanu received money in the Microsoft scheme.


Videanu rejects  accusations, says we will bring Sandu to trial for calumny


Former PDL minister Adriean Videanu rejects the accusations Gabriel Sandu brought against him and points out that he never signed any statement referring to the Microsoft contract.

At the same time, he says he reserves the right to defend his image in court by bringing Gabriel Sandu to trial for calumny.

“I flatly reject the denouncements of Sandu Gabriel against me referring to the pressures I have allegedly put on him to fund the election campaign of 2009. I have never had other than institutional relations with Sandu Gabriel, the relations between me and Sandu Gabriel being limited to a simple ‘Hello.’ Moreover, I have never backed nor signed any government resolution referring to the Microsoft contract. I have never had any kind of connection, not even tangential, with the initiation and/or the unfolding of the contract in question. I have no knowledge about the source of funding for the election material which Sandu Gabriel makes reference to, because this aspect was not among my duties,” Videanu points out in a statement sent to Agerpres on Thursday.

Videanu reported to Police Precinct No. 12 on Thursday where he needs to go twice a week as required by his judicial control arrangement. The preventive measure was ordered by the Court in a case separated from Alina Bica’s illegal property restitution case where Videanu was charged with complicity to abuse of power. Adriean Videanu’s appeal was admitted after he spent a few days on remand.


Boc says there was no pressure on him to sign the Microsoft licensing agreement


Former PDL Prime Minister Emil Boc said that no one had put any kind of pressure for the conclusion of the Microsoft licensing agreement and that, in his turn, he had never put any kind of pressure on anyone for signing the agreement.

‘In April 2009, when the framework agreement for the Microsoft licences was signed, we were in the Government with PSD. I want you to know that no one put any pressure whatsoever on me to conclude that agreement and that I did not put any pressure on anyone to conclude that agreement’, Emil Boc who was Prime Minister of the Government during the period the DNA report on the request to arrest Elena Udrea in the Microsoft case refers to.

Emil Boc also said that the government decision the prosecutors’ report refers to ‘was backed by 7-8 different signatures of PSD and PDL ministers who were competent in the area and therefore the process complied with all legal requirements set by specialists’.

‘Everything that we discussed regarding the 2009 agreement is found in the transcript of the Cabinet meeting. Those were the only discussions that I had regarding the 2009 framework agreement. I had no other talks on what happened in 2009, when the framework agreement was concluded. The only discussions were those that we had in the Government  – both in PSD and in PDL – and those people are my witnesses’, Emil Boc added.


Ex-Minister Berceanu: I am in no way involved with the Microsoft case


Ex-Transport Minister Radu Berceanu denies the accusations Gabriel Sandu allegedly brought against former PDL heads during the interviews with the prosecutors and insists that he is not involved in any way with the Microsoft case.

‘Things weren’t like that in any way. When I heard that he would give Boc EUR 300,000 or I don’t know how much is as if someone told me that Sandu, Boc and an extraterrestrial creature would meet and talked the language of the extraterrestrial creature. No way! Or at least I am not aware of anything of that kind. I had no business being in this whole story because long before Sandu came into the party I hadn’t had any position at the national level in PDL since 2004. So I don’t see why he had to say or give anything to the president of the Dolj organisation’, Radu Berceanu said on Romania TV Wednesday night.






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