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December 1, 2021

Microsoft file: Elena Udrea denounces “delirium of accusations” against her, says Prosecution-fuelled fabricated accusations must stop

Deputy Elena Udrea , currently in the custody of police after the Chamber of Deputies approved her arrest on Tuesday and the Supreme Court ordered her into 30-day arrest pending trial on Wednesday, claims that the charges leveled against her in the Microsoft case actually come down to her being the wife of Dorin Cocos, so that it is assumed that she knew what her ex-husband was doing.  Udrea points out that the ‘hysteria of accusations’ leveled against her must stop.

”Fabricated accusations and baseless speculation by the prosecutors continue to pour in against me on all media channels. It’s a veritable delirium. A new national sport seems to have seized Romania: what other unproved charges to bring against Elena Udrea, in hopes that, unable to defend herself because she is under arrest, she won’t be able to respond. The naked truth is that the accusation brought against me in the Microsoft case comes down to the fact that I was the wife of Dorin Cocos and it is therefore assumed that I must have known what he was doing. Hence, all this fabulation and immortal tale-telling. But this was public knowledge before January 29, when I was indicted, it was known last year, when the case against Dorin Cocos was opened. Nothing new, no additional evidence has meanwhile turned up,” reads Udrea’s message posted on her Facebook page this Thursday.

She adds that the “hysteria of accusations” the anti-corruption prosecutors are “rolling against her through the media must stop,” because it would come in a “logical dead-end”.

”The prosecutors launch these media hype allegations and then measures are taken against me due to public pressure (that is the motivation of judges). I am blamed on TV, in newspapers and on websites, but I cannot defend myself, or if I try to do so, I am sanctioned for that. Where is the democracy, if the accusers can say anything, but nobody wants to hear the arguments of the defence? Judges, whoever they are and whatever case they would try, should be strong and courageous. They must decide based on the law, facts and evidence, not on televised allegations. I say this again, I am confident that on appeal, the preventive detention measure will be reversed because absolutely nothing new emerged in the case since January 29, when I was placed under judicial restriction,” Elena Udrea concludes.

In a previous post, Udrea explained that since she is being held in custody she has no access to phone or Internet, and that her Facebook messages are being transmitted through her lawyer.


Udrea’s lawyer: Tens of top politicians are mentioned in the file with amounts to be awarded


Marius Striblea, one of the lawyers of MP Elena Udrea, said Thursday that in the same case as that of her client’s tens of top politicians are mentioned along with the amounts proposed to be awarded to them, reports Agerpres.

He added that there is a strategy built on arguments to defend Udrea, but he refused to unveil them, arguing that by unveiling them they would become challengeable before the appeal against Udrea’s remand is filed.

As far as Udrea’s latest Facebook post is concerned, Striblea said he knows nothing of it, and that a person in her defence team probably posted the message. He added that Udrea has no phone or Internet access.

“No new argument has been added to the accusations in this case, and Udrea’s only fault is to have been the wife of Dorin Cocos (…) Overcoming such moment is no easy task, but in my opinion Mrs. Udrea is managing the situation forcefully and decidedly and she is determined to fight for her freedom. (…) Yes, she received some visitors, probably immediately after being remanded. As far as I know she can be visited once a week, probably tomorrow. I do not know who takes care of Elena Udrea’s business. (…) She defended herself at the hearing against all the charges. It is important that tens of top politicians are mentioned along with money presumed to have been awarded (…), but none of them has been summoned to testify or be indicted,’ the lawyer said.

On the other hand, he claimed that Udrea is optimistic, reaffirming that there is no hard evidence in this case, just suspicions.


“This case has been built exclusively on charges pressed by those who understand to defend themselves this way in order to save their careers, freedom and families. We are affirming that there is no hard evidence to support the accusation,” he said, adding that Udrea has not denounced anyone.


Senate’s vote on Vosganian case: Udrea blames PSD and PNL for ‘double standard’ they apply


MP Elena Udrea says the Senate’s decision to refuse the criminal investigation of Senator Varujan Vosganian involves a double standard applied by Social Democrat and Liberal members of the Parliament, which ‘shows they do not think based on principles’ and this generates distrust in politicians. She pointed out to the Senators’ vote on  Thursday to reject the request of General Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu to open a criminal investigation on former economy minister Vosganian in a case concerning the Romgaz state-owned natural gas company.

Vosganian ‘was accused of forming a criminal group and undermining the national economy, acts that could be considered extremely serious. When it was about me, they stayed until 1am to vote twice on the approval of my investigation and three times on the approval of my arrest. Unlike Mr. Vosganian, I have asked for the justice to follow its course, as it should naturally in a democracy. The double standard applied by the Parliament members of the Social Democrat Party (PSD)  and National Liberal Party (PNL) shows they do not think based on principles, and here is the source of the Legislative’s weakness and of the distrust in the political class,’ Udrea wrote on Thursday on her Facebook page.

She would not pronounce on Vosganian’s guilt, but warned that ‘politicans act based on petty calculations.’

‘No wonder power is exerted in an occult manner by people in the shadow, in front of which many politicians have shaky knees,’ Udrea concluded.





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