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September 26, 2021

Iohannis meets Poroshenko, says Romania understands danger of nearby conflict, gets involved in solution

Romania understands the higher danger of the armed conflict in its neighbourhood and is getting involved in its solution, President Klaus Iohannis declared in a press conference in Brussels on Thursday night. He announced he would  visit Kiev in a couple of days upon the invitation of his Ukrainian counterpart  Petro Poroshenko.

Iohannis-Poroshenko bilateral meeting  occurred upon the Ukrainian President’s initiative . “President Poroshenko paid a visit to Romania’s  representation. He saluted people in Romanian. The dialogue was about the future of bilateral relations, the mutual support for bilateral projects, and some regional topics. (…) It was a very warm meeting. The two presidents recalled being in Paris,” Agerpres correspondent in Brussels reported.

‘We agreed to enhance the bilateral cooperation; we share interests of security in our region,’ Iohannis said after meeting Ukrainian President on the sidelines of the informal meeting of the European Council.

He also qualified the dialogue with Poroshenko  as necessary and wanted by both of them.

‘I want to thank the President of Romania for the firm stance in support of Ukraine. We had a very important bilateral dialogue and I invited him to visit Kiev. He accepted my invitation and we’re expecting him in Kiev very soon,’ the Ukrainian head of state pointed out.

Poroshenko declared he invited Iohannis to visit Kiev very soon and appreciated their meeting was ‘useful.’

Participating for the first time in the European Council, Romania’s President  qualified the context as very complicated.

‘I have hailed the decision of the two leaders, Mrs. Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany, and Francois Hollande – President of France; they were with the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in a not-very-easy negotiation; they assumed a difficult mission,’ Iohannis added.

He stressed the only solution to the Ukrainian crisis was political, based on dialogue and aiming at stopping the bloodshed.

‘We have renewed hope that respecting the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine would become a priority for all the participants in these negotiations – which so far has not been the case for the Russian Federation. Now we all saw the text of the new agreement; we look at the understanding with trust, but we are aware that tensions and sensitive points persist, which we cannot solve without political will and without staying united,’ the head of state added.

The President also mentioned that most of the topics agreed on Thursday were already included in the September memorandum of Minsk.

‘From this perspective, we cannot afford deluding ourselves everything is now settled. If the decisions are not observed, we are determined to discuss the introduction of new sanctions,’ he pointed out.


(photo source: www.hotnews.ro)



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