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December 7, 2021

Microsoft Case: Supreme Court to rule on Udrea’s appeal against remand on Tuesday

The Supreme Court of Justice and Cassation (ICCJ) has scheduled for Tuesday ruling on an appeal filed by MP Elena Udrea against her remand in relation to the Microsoft case.

On Tuesday evening, Udrea was detained in the Microsoft case, after hours of hearings, for having allegedly committed the following crimes: influence peddling (related to the conclusion and running of a framework agreement for Microsoft licenses in 2009, the subsequent contracts and additional acts to said contracts); influence peddling (in connection to the execution of the e-Romania contract); influence peddling (related to the request and receipt of 500,000 euro); and money laundering.

Prosecutors claim that in 2010 a person from the entourage of Dorin Cocos, Udrea’s ex-husband, took over the liability for a 3.26-million-euro bank loan taken out by Elena Udrea and further investigation has revealed that the takeover was a way of concealing the financial circuit and the real beneficiary of the assets in question, as well as of the investment that was to be conducted on the plot of land acquired with the loan.

‘In April 2013 – June 2013, Dorin Cocos both directly and via a company he controls – the International Clinical Diagnosis Centre – as well as via relatives and close friends concluded various bilateral promises to sell/purchase future assets which objects regarded built areas of the real estate development the promising buyer would allegedly conduct on the land acquired using the loan mentioned above, in Bucharest. In all, based on the promises to sell/purchase, Cocos was to secure some 2,100,000 euros from the loan taken over by the person from his entourage. It was also established that under an addendum of June 28, 2013, the promising buyer, a relative of Dorin Cocos, paid 100,000 euros into the loan account, after having previously paid another 100,000 euros,’ the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) reports in a press release.

The takeover of the loan and the conclusion of the promises to sell/purchase allegedly were ways of concealing the real beneficiary of the investment and the provenance of the money used to pay out the loan, that is ill-gotten money related to corruption offences.

‘Evidence presented indicates that Dorin Cocoos allegedly asked for and received 9,000,000 euros from two people so that he may secure for the companies supported by one of the two persons the conclusion and running of a licensing agreement between Microsoft and the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, via the then Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, a member of the Government and deputy chair of a political party. Dorin Cocos allegedly asked for and received 9,000,000 euros, concealing the provenance and real beneficiary of the money in cahoots with Elena Udrea. The agreement explicitly follows the acquisition of assets, the novation of the loan, the way in which the money was shared, as well as from testimonies,’ the DNA prosecutors argue.

Investigators have also revealed that in 2010, Cocos, in cahoots with Udrea, allegedly asked a businessman, the administrator of an IT company, for nearly 3 million euros to unblock payments under e-Romania contract.

‘In 2013, following the investigations conducted by the DNA into the carrying out of the Microsoft licensing agreement and the precautionary measures ordered in the case of the businessman investigated, Elena Udrea allegedly asked for 500,000 euros to solve the businessman’s justice problems. There are indications that the money would have been paid out in several instalments in July 2013 – February 2014,’ according to DNA.

DNA also claims that after judicial supervision was ordered in her case in relation to money laundering and forged personal wealth statements, Udrea made public media statements that regard the substance of the case able to influence the testimonies of Dorin Cocos and a witness, although she did not testify in the case.


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