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January 21, 2022

Transport minister: Comarnic-Brasov motorway project will go on only with costs that match Romania’s budget

The project of the motorway linking Comarnic to Brasov (north of Romania’s capital) will go on if the authorities manage to restructure it, namely to find a financial model to be more efficient for the Romanian budget, in the achievement of which such international financial institutions as the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) should take part, Transport Minister Ioan Rus told Agerpres on Saturday.

He added that talks with a consortium made up of Vinci-Strabag-Aktor, which won a contract to build the motorway will go on till April on the above-mentioned coordinates of the restructuring of the project.

The minister insisted that building a motorway to link Comarnic to Brasov will not be abandoned, but that only the best solution is being sought for, to be backed both by the governing parties and the opposition, one that the Romanians should agree on and should meet the present economic-financial conditions of Romania.

Rus explained that, following the public debate that the motorway project had been put to, positions for and against were revealed.

I had a meeting a few days ago with the group having won this competitive dialogue, namely Vinci-Strabag-Aktor. At this moment, following the decision that the prime minister and I made, namely to put the project (of building Comarnic-Brasov motorway) to public debate, a range of diverging positions emerged. To these added the parliamentarians’ conclusions following the talks with the two (transport) committees in the Parliament, namely several opposition MPs said this project is not good. Other leaders, neutral persons from public positions said the project is difficult to support financially from the state budget’, he stressed.

The minister added, ‘We have already discussed with the representatives of Vinci-Strabag-Aktor consortium and, if we manage to restructure the project, to find a more efficient financial model, therefore to succeed in having the participation of the international institutions – the EIB, EBRD – given that the letter to the IMF and the European Commission includes certain things related to this motorway, namely the position of Eurostat, which must say if this money – 1.8 billion euros is considered in setting the budget deficit, for these things we have a respite, to discuss them and try them. If we find an alternative acceptable for everybody, the project might go on. If not, we will have to find another construction of this project. It is on these coordinates of the restructuring of the project that we go on discussing till April with our partners in Vinci-Strabag-Aktor consortium’.

Rus announced that a new route is being looked into in order to smooth traffic from Bucharest to Brasov, namely via Valea Doftanei, between Campina and Sacele, where a new national highway will be completed by next year.

‘There are also advanced studies for possibly building ring-roads both in Comarnic and Busteni, so that until Comarnic-Brasov motorway is finalised – because, no matter how we act, it will take a few years – we should have alternative solutions that should smooth traffic between Brasov and Bucharest’, he added.

According to the concession project of Comarnic-Brasov motorway, published on the Transport Ministry’s website on Jan. 14, the 53-kilometre motorway will be built in four years, with the total stretch to cost some 1.8 billion euros, pre-VAT


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