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January 27, 2023

Russian Ambassador to Bucharest: “We won’t start a war with Ukraine”

Oleg Malginov, the Russian Ambassador to Bucharest, stated in an interview for Digi24 that his country will not start a war with Ukraine and that Moscow is not thinking about the possibility of a conflict with any other state.

“In my opinion, there is no chance, no chance (for a war between Russia and Ukraine – editor’s note),” the Russian official stated. Moreover, he claims that there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. “If you are talking about other Russian citizens present in Ukraine, yes, there may be. Maybe they are taking part in combat, we cannot rule that out. But there are no Russian soldiers on Ukraine’s territory, there are no weapons, there is nothing. I have heard such rumors, but they haven’t been confirmed,” Oleg Malginov insisted.

The ambassador pointed out that if the West arms Ukraine the Minsk peace agreement will immediately fall through. He considers that the main subject of the talks should be the lives of those living in separatist regions.

“The important thing is for people in Ukraine, Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk, to talk about how they will live together after the fighting ends. It won’t be easy. The decisions won’t be easy because blood has been shed. An agreement has to be reached, all problems have to be discussed. The important thing is for Western countries not to impose, but to support; for Russia not to impose, but to support. This is the role of diplomacy, those in conflict have to reach an agreement on how they will live,” the ambassador explained on Digi24.

Likewise, the Russian official emphasized that his country is not interested in having a frozen conflict in Ukraine just like in Georgia, Transnistria and Nagorno Karabah. He considers that those who think along these lines still have Cold War mentality and see Russia as the sole source of evil on Earth.

“People that think like this are basically “frozen” at the level of the 1980s or the end of the 1970s. Times have changed and there are many shades of grey, each country has its own development interests and this is a simplistic and partisan way of thinking, to see the world as being directed by good guys and bad guys, the Russians being the latter every time. It’s not like that,” the ambassador claimed.

Asked whether there are confirmed Kremlin plans for a military intervention in Romania, Oleg Malginov stated that the Russians are not thinking “at all about any possibility of conflict with any other country,” insisting on the fact that solutions have to be found in order to establish peace in the region.

He also denied the fact that Russia would like to impose its military influence at the mouth of the Danube.

The ambassador also pointed out that “it is good if the Republic of Moldova looks toward all of its neighbors with the goal of having ties and cooperation.” “Let us allow them to work, to choose their government, to adopt their governing program, to say how they will relate to the relations with the Russian Federation, with Romania, with Ukraine, with the EU, to say what they propose in order to solve their internal problems, because they have a lot of problems, including the problem of Transnistria, so let us allow them to do all this and let’s not try to solve the problems that do not concern us.”


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