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February 3, 2023

The mystery of Elena Udrea’s posts: she says she has no access to Facebook under arrest and lawyers post them; they deny it

After being placed under arrest by the Bucharest Police Department, Elena Udrea has posted several updates on her Facebook page. As she has no access to a computer or a mobile phone, Udrea outlined that the texts appearing on social network were being posted by her lawyers. But her lawyers claim that they are not the ones posting the messages.

Lawyer Marius Striblea claims he is not Elena Udrea’s messenger. “I did not read what was on Facebook, I had no time to do so. But I confirm that I was not the person she forwarded these messages through and I do not think lawyer Alexandru Chiciu was the one, either. I think it is somebody from her staff. It is possible that somebody writes on Facebook in Ms. Udrea’s name”, lawyer Striblea, the Head of the Iasi Bar declared for ziarulring.ro.

Lawyer Striblea defends Elena Udrea besides Bucharest lawyer Alexandru Chiciu (former prosecutor) and another lawyer (also from Bucharest). “I never asked Ms. Udrea anything about these messages. I do not think that it is part of a lawyer’s work. It is not a lawyer’s job to post on the Internet. We, Elena Udrea’s lawyers, have more important things to do these days”, Marius Striblea also mentioned.


Udrea defends her achievements as a Minister and denounces the crazy rush to present her into “the mother of corruption”: Why only me and nobody else?


Elena Udrea has posted a new message on Facebook on Friday, defending her achievements as Regional Development and Tourism Minister and denounces the existence of a “crazy rush” to depict her as a “mother of corruption”. Udrea thinks that the inquiries should focus on the situation of Ministries that attributed contracts directly, such as Transportation, Economy and Finances.

“In their crazy rush to discredit me and present me as “the mother of corruption”, my entire term as a Development Minister is being dissed systematically and unjustly. I never heard them talk about the situation of other Ministries under the Boc Government, which had higher budgets and directly attributed the contracts (Transportation, Economy or Finances).

I am very proud of what I achieved for Romanians as a Minister and I believe that if the people criticizing me today were able to do at least half of the things I have done, Romania would have been in a much better situation today”, Udrea wrote.

She indirectly hints at some of her former Government colleagues: Anca Boagiu, Radu Berceanu, Alexandru Nazare, Gheorghe Pogea, Sebastian Vladescu or Gheorghe Ialomitianu.

The former Minister claims she initiated corruption restricting measures at the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism instead of supporting it. “I introduced cost standards, I limited additional acts at the contracts with the state, I visibly made payments in the order the invoices came and I publicly demanded construction companies to do something for Romania instead of bribing employees in the Ministry”, Elena Udrea claimed.


Ruxandra Dragomir: I think I know the meaning of her gesture


Elena Udrea’s friend Ruxandra Dragomir says she knows what the gesture Udrea made both in the Parliament and at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) , by putting her finger on her nose and pressing the right nostril, means.

“I think I know what the gesture made by Elena Udrea means, but I cannot tell you the meaning right now. We will talk about it again”, Ruxandra Dragomir declared for the TV station Kanal D.

Ruxandra Dragomir claims that Elena Udrea was expecting something bad to happen to her.

“It is likely that Elena was expecting something bad to happen to her. Obviously, it is difficult for her, but it does not mean that Elena is not familiar to not having some things. I wished I could go and visit her, but there is a restriction in the number of persons allowed to see her. Only her mother and her lawyers have been there. There are conditions I do not want to see. She is in a room with two other women and she was received very well”, Ruxandra Dragomir added.


From ecstasy to agony


In the meantime, Elena Udrea is in utter despair. In a few days, she went from ecstasy to agony, from a life in luxury to miserable prison conditions. She is going through the most difficult times of her life. From a Minister anf an advisor to former President Traian Basescu, she ended up behind bars, in a dirty cell.

On Friday, Elena Udrea cried all day long. Her mother visited her. The two women cried for two hours, throughout the visit. Udrea received a package from her mother, containing food, water and clothes.

She asked for a suit to wear on Tuesday morning on Court, when magistrates would try her appeal to the preventive arrest verdict.


Udrea in front of ICCJ justice: Dorin Cocos was in a relationship with another woman, before the divorce


Elena Udrea compromised her former husband in front of the High Court judges. According to the motivation of the preventive arrest, in courtroom, Elena Udrea admitted that she was having terrible fights with Dorin Cocos and that he had had a solid relationship with another woman before they got divorced.

In the motivation of the arrest, Elena Udrea declared that the moment of issuing the wealth declaration was dramatic. She and her former husband used to quarrel for days, as Dorin Cocos had no legal obligation to issue it and he was not willing to help her.

“Afterwards, she showed that the moment of issuing her wealth declaration was dramatic as, due to the obligation to declare her husband’s goods, common goods and personal goods, they used to fight for several days, as the former husband had no legal obligation to issue the declaration and was unwilling to do it. She showed that her concrete manner of filling out the wealth declaration consisted in contacting the accountant of her former husband”, the motivation of the Court shows.

Elena Udrea also confessed that she had been aware of her husband’s extramarital relationship two years before the divorce.

“She also showed that her former husband had been in a solid relationship two years before the divorce took place, in 2013, and that he got married no later than two months after the divorce. Therefore, she and Dorin were not in the kind of relationship where they confessed each other what they had been doing throughout the day. She also pointed out that she was unaware where her former husband was going on a vacation, and that he never told her about his present deals”, the Court mentioned in the motivation from Udrea’s statements during the trial on the arrest proposal


Elena Udrea was arrested on Wednesday by the High Court in the Microsoft file


Elena Udrea, former Regional Development and Tourism Minister, was placed under 30-day preventive arrest in the Microsoft file. The magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice decided that Elena Udrea must stay behind bars until March 12. The decision was immediately appealed by the former Tourism Minister. After the decision was announced by the Court, Elena Udrea returned to her cell at the Bucharest Police Arrest Department. Elena Udrea also posted a message to Facebook following her 30-day arrestm saying that she was confident that, as a result of the appeal, “the measure would most likely be ceased on Monday”.

Udrea is accused in the Microsoft file, of three accounts of influence peddling: related to signing and applying the frame contract of Microsoft licences in 2009, of subsequent documents; related to applying the e-Romania contract, and related to demanding and receiving EUR 500,000 – and one account of money laundering.

Elena Udrea’s former husband Dorin Cocos is accused in this file of having demanded and received EUR 9,000,000 from Claudiu Florica and Dinu Pescariu, so that, through Udrea, who was at that time Regional Development and Tourism Minister and PDL Vice-President, they would grant companies supported by Florica Claudiu the signing and application of the Microsoft licencing contract with the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society.

Moreover, according to investigators, in 2010, Dorin Cocos, based on an agreement with Udrea, demanded from Gabriel Marin, manager of the company Omnilogic, a sum of approximately EUR 3,000,000, to unblock payments based to the e-Romania contract. Gabriel Marin filed a complaint at the DNA, showing that he had paid Dorin Cocos, through Dinu Pescariu, the sum of EUR 3,050,000.

On his turn, Dinu Pescariu denounced Udrea, pointing out that she had demanded him EUR 500,000, “to solve his legal issues”.





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