Traian Basescu violently attacks Antena 3 and RTV: A failure as a journalism, suggesting that I own companies in Panama is a lie


Former President Traian Basescu had a violent outburst on Facebook, on Saturday evening, against journalists of the TV stations owned by Dan Voiculescu and Sebastian Ghita, respectively Antena 3 and Romania TV. After the mentioned television stations ran news claiming that Basescu allegedly owned accounts in a tax haven, the former Head of the State defended himself pretending that everything was a lie, accusing them that they were the profound expression of failure in journalism.

Basescu’s furious attack against the two TV stations comes after Oana Stancu revealed at the TV show “Power Excess” that the names Basescu şi Cocos appear in a registry of companies owned by a broker in Panama.

“In my opinion, Antena 3 and RomaniaTV are the profound expression of failure in journalism. To suggest that I might have any companies in Panama is a lie. To any Romanian interested in this topic, I declare that I never owned and I do not own any companies or bank accounts abroad. The fact that the Antena 3 / Romania TV tandem is conducting a vehement denigration campaign against me only shows that you have been terribly inconvenienced by the process of rehabilitation of the Constitutional state that went on during the last ten years and, as you see, it is impossible to undo this process. Your owners, Voiculescu and Ghita, wanted Romania to be theirs and I took it back from them and other people like them and returned it to Romanians by the end of my second term.

You, A3 and RTV, may continue with your malicious campaigns against me, my family and the people who had the courage to support me until the end of my term, but you may never bring the country back at the disposal of people such as Voiculescu and Ghita”, Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.


Basescu Investment appears in the company registry of a broker in Panama


A report broadcasted recently by journalist Oana Stancu on Antena 3 showed that the name “Basescu” appears in a registry of companies owned by a broker in Panama, Basescu Investment INC, an anonymous company.

Also, there is a company in Panama owned by Elena Udrea’s best friend, Narcisa Mirica Georgescu,and several anonymous companies that, as a coincidence or not, include the name Cocos or Cocoş.

Narcisa Mirica Georgescu’s company was founded no earlier than a few days after the trial against Alina Bica started concerning the file of retrocessions that also involved Dorin Cocos. The data received by Antena 3 from Panama also shows that the tax haven includes several companies that, coincidentally or not, include the name Cocos.

One of the companies registered at the same broker as an anonymous company also includes the surprise name “Basescu”.


Oana Stancu: It is obvious that I touched a sensitive point. It may also be a name coincidence, it must be checked by the prosecutors


In a phone conversation for “News Magazine”, Oana Stancu declared that the “virulence of Romania’s former President places him in an obviously revealing position”.

“It is obvious that I touched a sensitive point. All we did was to open a trace for prosecutors at this time by noticing what happens in Panama, where intimate friends of the Udrea – Cocos couple, Narcisa and Bogdan  Georgescu just moved their money and company on December 22, 2014. When things were becoming rough in Romania for Ms. Udrea, when Mr. Cocos was placed behind bars, when Ms. Bica was also placed behind bars, these people were moving their money in Panama”, Oana Stancu showed.

The host of the show “Power Excess” outlined for Antena 3 that all of these disclosures were traces for an investigation and must be treated as such. Oana Stancu also mentioned that it might be a mere name coincidence, but that it should be checked by prosecutors.


Basescu’s first TV appearance after the beginning of the Udrea scandal


The ex-President decided to grant the first TV interview after he departed from Cotroceni and after the Udrea case became the headliner of the public space.

Traian Băsescu is the guest of the show “Speak Out!” on TVR1, broadcasted on Monday evening, starting at 9 pm. An announcement promoting this interview was posted on the Facebook page of the show.

“I will approach all topics of the day. I forwarded the topics to Mr. Traian Basescu and he agreed on all of them”, TV host Sorin Avram mentioned for Mediafax.





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