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February 1, 2023

Elena Udrea reacts to new arrest request made on Monday, but post on Facebook is signed “the communication team”

Elena Udrea has kept her promise made on Facebook two days ago, that she would  appoint a communication team. Last  message posted on Elena Udrea’s Facebook page is signed “the communication team”.

“The new request the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has made to Parliament for arresting Elena Udrea is excessive. What we have here is an unprecedented situation in the legal history of Romania – ask for so many arrest clearances for the same person.

The show generated with this new arrest request today is part of a strategy designed to put pressure on the panel of judges from the High Court who will hear the appeal made by Elena Udrea’s lawyers tomorrow, in a context where the chance is major that it may be accepted.

In absolutely all cases where preventive remand – an exceptional measure – has been asked for, there are just reports made by other people, there is no concrete evidence. Moreover, absolutely all the persons who report on Elena Udrea are free, many appearing just as denouncing-witnesses (not even suspects). This can leave the impression that, if you report on Elena Udrea (saying things that are true or not), you will not be brought to justice.

It seems obvious that the intention is ‘to burry Elena Udrea in criminal cases’ and this rattle was set in motion by her complaint filed with DNA on 30 January against general Florian Coldea and after the interview granted to Hotnews. There is no other explanation for this accelerated unfolding of events as long as the alleged crimes were committed many years ago”, the message posted on Elena Udrea’s  Facebook page states”.


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