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February 3, 2023

The tennis game of the year, due this summer in Sibiu: Simona Halep versus Klaus Iohannis

The tennis game of the year will take place in Sibiu this summer as President Klaus Iohannis and the famous tennis player Simona Halep (WTA no. 3) will enter the field for a demonstrative game. The venue is yet to be chosen from the Transylvania Hall, the Pamira Base or the Grand Square, the website stiripesurse.ro reports.

The game of the Romanian President and Simona Halep will be organized sometimes in June or July, writes the same site.”The event is very important and it will certainly have a great impact for tennis and for sports overall”, Marius Vecerdea, the Romanian President’s coach declared quoted by stiripesurse.ro. Vecerdea was quoted last week by the Romanian press as saying that Iohannis-Halep tennis game had been initially scheduled for the week 27 April-2 May, depending on the evolution of Simona at the Stuttgart WTA tournament.


Coach Marius Vecerdea: The Romanian President’s favourite shot, a “fair right shot”


It is no news to anyone that newly-elected President Klaus Iohannis is a tennis enthusiast who prefers to take advantage of any time off to play tennis on the fields of the Pamira Sports Base in Sibiu. Marius Vecerdea, Iohannis’ coach and also one of his partners, declared that he needed several years until he convinced Iohannis to play tennis at Pamira and to support him in organizing Sibiu Open, Transylvania’s most important tennis event, writes  the publication tribuna.ro. Vecerdea declared that the new President of Romania’s favourite shot was a “fair right shot” and that, before the electoral campaign started, he used to come to train to the tennis field as much as four times a week. “I have struggled for several years to gain Mr. Iohannis’ support, but I kept being refused. I have returned from the United States of America in 2006, and in 2008 and 2009, I tried to persuade him to help us organize international tennis events, major tours, but I was refused again and again. Then, in November 2009, I started working with Mr. Iohannis at Pamira. I convinced him through a mental coaching program I have introduced at Pamira in partnership with an expert of the respective field, Silviu Zancu. Iohannis had trained with other coaches as well, on other fields, but in the end, he came to us. Nonetheless, we were offered no understanding in 2010, nor in 2011, for our attempt to organize an important tour in Sibiu. In 2012, Mr. Tiriac reached the decision to organize four challenger tours in the country, and one of them was supposed to be held in Sibiu. Through a common friend, I once again ended up with Mr. Iohannis and he finally gave in. Since 2013, we overtook the event, Sibiu Open, and, at the time being, it is Transylvania’s greatest tennis event. You have to struggle a lot to persuade Mr. Iohannis to grant you help, because he only likes things well done”, Vecerdea declared, quoted by tribuna.ro.


Vecerdea about tennis player Iohannis: highly disciplined


The founder of Pamira also added that there were times when Klaus Iohannis played tennis even four times a week, based on a well-established program. “He was never one minute late, he was extremely punctual. At the beginning, he came two times a week. Then, he started coming to train three times, or even four times a week! Then, the electoral campaign started and his time off was significantly less, so training hours decreased. He stopped having a fixed schedule and he came whenever he could. He always called before, I was announced at what time he could come and, every time, he was punctual like a… German.”

Marius Vecerdea also confessed that, even in the day of the second round of elections, Klaus Iohannis took some of his time to come to the field. “He came by early in the morning, we played tennis for about an hour, then he went to the church and afterwards, he went to cast his vote. The next day, on Monday, I received a phone call a little while before he entered a press conference in Bucharest. He told me that he was to arrive in the evening in Sibiu and that he would come to Pamira, which is exactly what happened. He played tennis with one of my students, Victor Cornea”, Vecerdea remembered. Asked what was the new President’s favourite shot, Marius Vecerdea immediately replied: “A fair right!” Very similar to his political views. “He has a true right shot and it is really beautiful”. According to Vecerdea, quoted by tribuna.ro, Iohannis has made great progress in tennis in the last few years, since he had started his training at Pamira, under his supervision.


Iohannis appeared in the spot promoting the Sibiu Open tour


Also, the official of the Sibiu sports base thinks that, although Romania’s new president will have less and less time to devote to tennis, he will keep this sport in his agenda. Marius Vecerdea also revealed how he had persuaded Iohannis to appear in the video spot promoting the Sibiu Open International Tour. In the respective ad, the main organizer of the tour serves the ball from the Small Square of Sibiu, the ball enters the open window of the Mayor of Sibiu’s office and he hits the ball on his turn with a tennis racket, sending it to the Grand Square. “It was quite difficult to persuade him to appear in this add. I new he was hesitant to expose his private life. At the beginning, he gave me a negative answer. When I presented him the idea, he was delighted”, Vecerdea further mentioned.

The coach is actually a passionate supporter of Romania’s new President. “I got highly involved in supporting him, as I was convinced that, as a President, he wanted to do many good things for our country, especially for education”.



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