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February 3, 2023

Udrea posts new message on Facebook from behind bars, says she will appoint a spokesperson

Elena Udrea is under arrest by the Bucharest Police, two cells apart from Alina Bica and on the same floor with her former husband Dorin Cocos. During the last few days, Udrea was visited by former Presidential candidate William Branza, who is Cocos’ lawyer and used to be Udrea’s lawyer as well. Yet, the former Minister had decided to stop using Branza’s services and from behind bars, on Sunday evening, Udrea issued a new message:

“As I saw that there are certain concerns related to my recent public communication, I want to set some things straight:

I am systematically harassed by the press and this assault upon me has a result of increasing the pressure on magistrates and imposing a public image of guilt that turns afterwards to arguments for accusers. This is why I want to defend myself by communicating actively, so that the version of the defence could be heard as well.  I will follow all legal conditions and I will not talk (as I did not do it so far) at any time about the contents of the cases or about any persons involved in the files.

The messages you see on my Facebook page are posted by the communication team and are transmitted by telephone, as I am granted access to it day by day, as any other person under arrest.

In the next few days, I will appoint a spokesperson to keep in touch with the press and to support my points of view on other subjects than legal ones lawyers are dealing with.

I noticed that some are trying to impose the idea that William Branza could represent a communication belt between me and Dorin Cocos. There is nothing more false. Legally, the same lawyer could represent two persons, but, in order not to allow any speculations, I outline that I will not request legal services by Mr. Branza”, Elena Udrea wrote on her Facebook page.





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