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January 26, 2023

Elena Udrea called at DNA for hearings related to her denunciation against SRI interim head Florian Coldea

Freshly freed  from custody on Tuesday evening and placed under house arrest in the Microsoft file, the former tourism minister Elena Udrea arrived on Wednesday morning at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) headquarters  where  she was called for hearings related to her denunciation against SRI interim head Florian Coldea.

Asked by journalists if she will maintain her allegations, Udrea answered “Of course,  I’ll do”.

In the denunciation submitted by Elena Udrea at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) on January 30, a document presented by NASUL TV integrally and exclusively, the former Head of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) accuses the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) of using information “in the interest of the people depositing them”.

“This thing happens increasingly frequently. The one who has the information obviously gains power upon everybody: media, politicians, justice”, says the denunciation submitted to the DNA by the closest and most loyal collaborator to the ex-President of Romania for the last ten years, Traian Basescu.

“This autumn, after the Microsoft scandal started, and my former husband’s name was included, he came to me and asked me to establish him a meeting with Maior and Coldea, because he did not want to meet them in person. He told me he wanted to talk to them, to sort out the accusations in the file, under the circumstances that, at Coldea’s requests, he had made payments in cash worth hundreds of thousands of euro: EUR 500,000 to Ghita for RTV.

I asked Alina Bica what she knew about it as, at that time, she was the advisor of the Head of DIICOT. She told me it was true that Florian Coldea was pressuring her to apply certain measures on the defendants. Afterwards, she told me that these pressures concern the case of Ioan Nicolae. I informed the President on that.”

“Even Kovesi’s appointment was made as a result of a negotiation I made with Ponta, in a late night, at his office in the block he lives in. Ponta did not want to appoint Kovesi Head of DNA, as he thought she was under SRI command.”

“Here we are today. What we see is part of a plan started many years ago (…) and the author of this plan is Florian Coldea, SRI General, who was George Maior’s Deputy until recently, until George Maior resigned at Iohannis’ request”, Udrea writes in the DNA document that has sixteen hand-written pages, signed at the end by the former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism.

In the denunciation submitted at DNA, Elena Udrea pointed out, among other things, that during a discussion in George Maior’s office, the second man in SRI, respectively Coldea, brought up the Microsoft file.

“In one of the discussions we had in George Maior’s office, when I accused Coldea that he was manipulating DNA, that he was particularly after me and that he interfered against me in the electoral campaign, he told me at a certain time that the four people arrested in the Microsoft case would not have ended up that way if they warned him before that they were involved as, if you come and let them know, they can solve things in 99 per cent of the situations”, Elena Udrea says in the denunciation made by the DNA, published on the website nasul.tv.


Maior was standing in Coldea’s way because he was the only one still supporting Ponta


Elena Udrea declared in the denunciation submitted at DNA that George Maior was standing in Coldea’s way because he was the only one still supporting Victor Ponta, and it was the reason why President Iohannis asked for his resignation.

Also, Udrea outlined the fact that this was how they “were working on” the new majority.

“Obviously, any President chooses the Heads of Services he wants to work with. But this time, it will be Florian Coldea, not Iohannis, the one to decide who was to come. Why was George Maior standing in Coldea’s way? Because Maior was the only one still supporting Victor Ponta. Even I think that Victor Ponta should leave the Government, but it must be done through democratic procedures, not through occult intervention upon MPs and party leaders for the change of the Parliament majority or by using DNA. Today, they are working on creating a new majority by pressuring people who can be accused in various criminal cases. So are those who are already accused, but they are needed in order to appoint a Government agreed by Coldea and Iohannis; they are protected by justice and by media attacks. How many great names in PNL do you see today at the DNA? What they do not know is that they will be called as soon as they are deemed uselss. (…) Somebody who owns all the power through the secrets he deposits and through his relation with Codruta Kovesi is a great danger to the Constitutional state and to the country”, Udrea writes in her denunciation.


Coldea hates me for being an alternative source of intelligence for President Basescu


Moreover, Udrea notes that she knows Florian Coldea very well, after having spent plenty of religious holidays and anniversaries with him, and may state that his major wish is to gain complete power in the state, “an equal power to that of the Head of the State”. She has heard the last thing from Sebastian Ghita himself.

“I understood that his wish was to gain complete power, an equal power to that of the Head of the State, as Ghita told me that Coldea admitted in one of their conversations. Ghita also told me that Florian Coldea hated me for having been an alternative source of intelligence for the President. I knew from my former husband that he was going to SRI and doing certain things at Florian Coldea’s demand”, Udrea also wrote in the denunciation submitted at DNA.


“After the Grebla precedent, I would not be amazed if Daniel Morar were accused, too”


Mentioning the precedent represented by Toni Grebla, Elena Udrea declared that she would not be surprised at all if the former DNA Chief Prosecutor Daniel Morar was put under accusation for “inadequately” voting for the laws proposed by SRI.

“At this time, when media owners and journalists, prosecutors and judges may accused at any time, it is obvious that the one owning the secrets of all may blackmail anyone else and force them to obey his will. And we just saw how judge Grebla was charged immediately as he disagreed with the laws proposed by SRI. We see how Daniel Morar is being lynched and I would not be amazed if he was accused of anything by the DNA in the near future, for “inadequately” voting at the CCR”, Elena Udrea wrote in her denunciation submitted at the DNA against interim Head of SRI, according to nasul.tv.


Bica found in a laptop photos of Kovesi and Commissar Berbeceanu


Also, in the DNA denunciation against Florian Coldea, published by nasul.tv, Elena Udrea says that the former Head of DIICOT (Alina Bica, presently under arrest), told her that she had found in a laptop a few photos showing the Head of DNA and Commissar Traian Berbeceanu.

“There was another scandal between Bica and Kovesi. Bica had investigated and arrested Berbeceanu. He seems to have been close to Kovesi. Bica told me that she has found photos of Berbeceanu and Kovesi in a laptop (computer) owned by the former. Kovesi started investigating the persons who had reached the decision to demand preventive arrest against Berbeceanu. Bica heard that, during the hearing of the DIICOT prosecutor that had conducted the case, they had asked questions about her, as they were trying to prosecute her as well, for being the person who had ordered the action in Alba. She found it obvious that it was an attempt to prosecute her and she went to SRI and to the President to tell them that (…) it was dangerous to start a vendetta and a struggle (…) between her and Kovesi, between DIICOT and DNA. Codruta Kovesi denied that there were questions about her in the inquiry against the DIICOT prosecutor. Bica asked for the tape recording of the hearing. Kovesi promised in front of the President that she would send it. She never sent it”, Elena Udrea wrote in the denunciation submitted at DNA against the interim Head of SRI.


I doubt that the interim Head of SRI will be investigated by the Military Prosecutors’ Office


Elena Udrea also says in her DNA denunciation against Florian Coldea that she doubts the fact that the interim head of SRI will be investigated by the Prosecutors’ Office.

“I doubt that the Military Prosecutors’ Office will have the courage to investigate General Coldea as long as the wife of the Chief of the Military Prosecutors’ Office (…) was expelled from DNA by Kovesi and Coldea, after they caught her giving information from the file to Hrebenciuc”, Elena Udrea says in the denunciation published in premiere on nasul.tv.


Basescu had realised that SRI was actually leading Ghita’s television


In her denunciation at DNA, presented exclusively by Nasul TV, Elena Udrea also mentioned that ex-President Traian Basescu had realized that the Romanian Intelligence Service was unofficially leading Sebastian Ghita’s TV station (RTV) and had called Coldea to tell him that he had heard what was going on, threatening him that if they do not stop, he would  make everything public.

“He called Coldea, told him that he understood what was going on and warned them to stop, or else, he would come out to accuse them publicly that Ghita was their man doing their games. RTV stopped at once”, Udrea said.

Udrea also added that initially Ghita came to Basescu, to demand his approval for the foundation of the TV station Romania TV.

“To avoid any suspicions, he went to the president to somehow ask for his approval, claiming that democracy would be better protected with a new TV station. I told the President that RTV would become a station of the SRI, of Ponta and PSD”, Udrea outlined in the denunciation.


Nicolae Dumitru was providing various services to Coldea. He bought a RA-APPS villa and paid a few journalists


In her denunciation for DNA, presented exclusively at Nasul TV, Elena Udrea declared that businessman Nicolae Dumitru, nicknamed Niro, investigated in the Microsoft file, presently under home arrest after three months of preventive arrest, was offering various services to Florian Coldea, one of them being the payment of the wage of journalists such as  Sorina Matei from the TV station B1.

“It is obvious that Ms. Matei is a journalist aware of who is paying her and why. As a result, her position is that of being Kovesi and Coldea’s voice in her show”, Udrea wrote in her denunciation.

Immediately after Elena Udrea decided to make this information public,  Sorina Matei went on a holiday.

Udrea also declared that Niro purchased or was about to purchase a RA-APPS villa for Coldea.

“Nicolae Dumitru is also the man who purchased or is about to purchase a RA-APPS villa for Coldea. I think it is the villa Bujorul in Neptun seaside resort. I heard it from Georgian Sandu, who had had a conversation on this topic in his office. Perhaps, Nicolae Dumitru was also an intermediary”, Elena Udrea concluded.



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