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January 27, 2023

Following speculations that Elena Udrea gave him European funds, businessman Ion Tiriac asks State to check his businesses

Businessman Ion Tiriac clarified on Wednesday that he had nothing to do with the case in which DNA investigated the allocation by Elena Udrea of European funds for the construction of ‘La Stejarii’ club, project which is not his.

Tiriac pointed out that the media had mistaken the ‘La Stejarii’ (Stejarii Country Club’ leisure club for the Stejarii residential development that happens to be nearby.

The ‘La Stejarii’ leisure club, developed with European funds and which is the object of a DNA investigation, is not a project that belongs to any of the Tiriac Group companies. On the other hand, the Stejarii residential complex, which is not connected with the investigation in any way, and which was exclusively developed with private funds, is property of the company SC Masterange Romania SRL, controlled by Ion Tiriac, and the journalists mixed up the two properties due to the similarity of the names and proximity.


‘Let us end speculations and intoxication’


Ion Tiriac wrote a public letter on Wednesday, asking the State authorities to check the activity of the companies belonging to the Tiriac Group in order to put an end to the speculations on his businesses that have appeared in the mass media.

‘I, the undersigned, Ion Tiriac, faithful to the laws of Romania which I observe both as a Romanian citizen and as an investor in the local economy, partisan of transparency, ethics and best practice in business, in this way I am making an open invitation to any Authority of the Romanian State to check the activity of the companies within the Tiriac Group’, Ion Tiriac states in his public letter sent to Ziare.com.

The businessman asks the State to check his companies after his name has been cited in one of the cases were Elena Udrea is under investigation by anti-corruption prosecutors.

Ion Tiriac notes that, in this way, he wants to end ‘speculations and intoxications’ in the press lately.

‘I have decided to come public with this as I wanted to show that the activity of companies in the Tiriac Group complies with Romanian laws and also to put an end to speculations and intoxication in the media in the last months.

For that, we assure you of our entire cooperation, transparency and opening of the companies belonging to the Tiriac Group in relation with the authorities of the Romanian State by making available all legally necessary information for this action’, the businessman assured.

I. Tiriac also invited the journalists to ask any question they may have to the representatives of the Tiriac Group companies.

‘In this way speculations, misleading information or incomplete information on subjects all for obtaining the sensational, can be easily avoided’, he continues.

‘Equally, I am informing you that we will reprimand by legal way, by active justice action, any public action that hurts my personal reputation, the image of my family or the image of the companies in the Tiriac Group’, is the ending of the public letter of the former tennis player.

The document is the businessman’s response to the investigation conducted by DNA in a case opened following the complaint made against Elena Udrea about the way in which Ion Tiriac had received European funding for building the ‘Stejarii’ club.

Criminal investigations have been initiated in rem – on the offence and not against person/s, DNA press office explained on the request of ‘Bursa’ newspaper.

Situated in the vicinity of the luxurious residential development ‘Stejarii’, built by Ion Tiriac in the Baneasa forest area in Bucharest, ‘Stejarii Country Club’ is an 18 M investment of which EUR 8 M were European funds.

The complaint was filed with the Office of the Prosecutor General in October 2014. From there, it was redirected to DNA.


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