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August 10, 2022

President Iohannis to pay a visit to Kiev on March 17, says arms deliveries are not a solution for Ukraine at this moment

President Klaus Iohannis announced, on Thursday evening, that on March 17 he will conduct an official visit to Ukraine and mentioned that he does not believe arms deliveries to this country are a solution at this moment for resolving the conflict in the area.

“I don’t think it’s the case for us to take steps on our own, but our involvement consists of an increasingly better collaboration with the Ukrainian side, an ever closer collaboration and correlation with the American and European partners. It consists in an official visit of mine that I will conduct on March 17 to Ukraine, it consists in the fact that the  Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) supports cybernetic security and the development of a concept of cyber-security in Ukraine, and so forth. There are many aspects in which we involve ourselves not only by statements, although the statement part has a fairly large value. (…) Beside these statements, we are involved in very concrete actions because we want to support Ukraine, it is in our interest, it is our neighbor”, explained Iohannis, at private broadcaster Digi 24, Romania’s involvement in solving the conflict in Ukraine.

He said that nobody can answer if the agreement in Minsk will hold. The head of state said that he does not believe the conflict in Ukraine will reach Romania’s borders, stating his belief, however, that the military involvement has gone too far.

President Iohannis said that arms deliveries to Ukraine are not a solution at this moment. “In our opinion, this option must be left for far later. Arms deliveries have never pacified conflict zones. Arms deliveries always lead to an escalation of conflict. We do not believe this is a solution at this moment, but obviously we must all leave room for maneuver. If the situation changes for the worse, then it is possible that together with [our] partners this matter be re-evaluated”, said the head of state.

He emphasized that ethnic Romanians in Ukraine are an important concern, and this matter will be discussed on the occasion of the visit he will conduct to the neighboring country.


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