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January 26, 2023

Prof. Dr. Jörg K Menzer, Managing Partner Noerr Romania: A Romanian-German story…

Mr. Menzer, you have been heading Noerr in Romania for many years. What exactly of your experience with the German law firm and background have you implemented in Romania and what do you intend to do further for maintaining its good performance?


Noerr in Romania has been growing during all the years of its activity.  The most decisive factor for our success, performance and development is the permanent effort to deliver the highest quality and best practice to our clients. We have implemented all the procedures and standards which are used for decades in Germany, thus supporting our goal to be a leading European Law Firm.


What are the main challenges Noerr in Romania has faced with its clients during these last years?


The constant changes in the legal and tax framework open opportunities for us as advisors, but also threats for quality and liability. However, our market position secured constant business and trust from key clients for years.


What are the key ingredients in the recipe of success and reputation constantly scored and consolidated by your firm in such a dynamic and challenging business environment and market?


We provide high quality services which take into account the business environment in which our clients work. We are known for high standards of compliance and commitment. The full integrated services represent another factor for trustful and efficient advice.


With what goals has the company started off this year?


Romania remains a market with unmet demands and many opportunities for companies. We believe that Romania will show again how successful stories can be written by German and international companies and investors.

Therefore, we started 2015 with the clear goal to grow further and to be entrusted with advisory projects with great impact on the development of Romania.

Moreover, we will focus on our on-going specialisation and concentrate on high end advisory services, sustained by the constant development of the market, its challenges and opportunities.


Noerr Romania is active in many areas of practice. In which segment your company law is leader and in what other section of practice do you want to develop?


At Noerr we do not talk about “being leader” or not. We talk about Excellence, High Quality, Trust, Team Spirit and Passion. In all practice areas we are proud to fulfil the highest quality standards expected by our clients.

We will further concentrate on the development of our areas of practice and also on serving our clients out of one hand and using the expertise of all our specialisations within the firm.


As an important representative of the German business community, what is Noerr’s message to investors interested to invest in Romania?


German investors have been most welcomed in Romania for decades.

The cooperation on all levels between the two countries is excellent and thus the environment for business is promising. The legal and tax challenges can be overcome by using expert advice. Most of the German investments proved to be a success story, thus investing further in Romania will write and successfully fill in the other pages of our Romanian-German story, diplomatic relations.

Germany can be taken as an example that, with a clear plan, stable conditions and dedication, economic and social difficulties can be overcome and a country can strive for more. This can also be achieved by Romania if it concentrates on the common good and pursues a common goal as it is a great country with great people.



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