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February 3, 2023

Elena Udrea may go to the Parliament on Monday: “I will be there to present my point of view”

Elena Udrea may go to the Parliament on Monday, to attend the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, in order to discuss the new request by DNA Prosecutors regarding legal pursuit and preventive arrest. The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) admitted the former Regional Development and Tourism Minister request to leave home arrest in order to go and defend herself in front of her Deputy colleagues.

The Chamber of Deputies plenum will discuss and vote on Monday, starting at 4 pm, the two new legal pursuit and preventive arrest requests regarding Elena Udrea, for committing new crimes in the Gala Bute file.

DNA demands the approval of legal pursuit and preventive arrest as Elena Udrea allegedly committed three bribe-taking crimes in the Gala Bute file, during her term as Regional Development and Tourism Minister.

Deputy Elena Udrea showed up on Saturday morning at ICCJ, where she declared for the press that she demanded the Court permission to visit the Chamber of Deputies on Monday. After having spent approximately an hour at ICCJ headquarters, Elena Udrea went home and declared, at the exit, that her demand had been approved.


Elena Udrea’s car, stopped in the traffic


On Saturday morning, Elena Udrea went, first of all, to Police headquarters, so that officers could inform her, according to the procedure, on the route she was to follow. Then, on her way to ICCJ, Udrea’s car was stopped by police officers after being followed in the traffic by a police team, to check whether the car has followed the stipulated route and whether there are any unapproved persons in the car. It was part of the prevention measures assumed by police officer in Udrea’s case, as the politician was only allowed to use the route established with the officers of Police Station No. 2.

“The demand I made to be present in front of the Chamber of Deputies was accepted. I will be there on Monday to reveal my point of view considering that the situation is still out of the ordinary. These are the seventh and the eighth requests made by prosecutors against me in two weeks”, Elena Udrea declared, after admitting to journalists that new findings in the “Gala Bute” file, made on Tuesday, are favourable to her.

Elena Udrea is in house arrest in the Microsoft file during February 17 to March 17, in a rented apartment located in Romania’s most expensive residential area. In “Stejarii”, the lowest rent for a two-room apartment starts at EUR 2,000, real estate sources announced.

Udrea was placed under preventive arrest at the demand of DNA prosecutors, who accused her of influence peddling (connected to the signing and application of the Microsoft frame contract in 2009, of subsequent contracts and additional documents); influence peddling (connected to the application of the e-Romania contract); influence peddling (connected to demanding and receiving EUR 500,000) and money laundering.

Elena Udrea left the Bucharest Police Arrest Department on Tuesday evening. She went home at the luxury residential area “Stejarii” in Bucharest. She enjoyed the comfort of her home after seven terrible days and nights, in a small prison cell, with a Turkish toilet that had no door.

As she is prohibited to leave the house, Udrea is visited by friends every day.




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