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Ex-SIE Director Teodor Melescanu: Basescu made abusive demands to intelligence Services

Teodor Melescanu, former Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE)  and former Foreign Affairs Minister in November 2014, seems unable to forget his conflict with Traian Basescu. After the former President accused Melescanu of refusing to provide him information the law had granted him access to, the former Head of SIE responded by stating that Basescu had made several abusive demands to the intelligence services.

“Several times, during my two-year and seven-month term, there were demands of information that had nothing to do with the activity of the beneficiary, the President”, Melescanu declared for Antena 3.

The former Head of SIE explained that there was a Government decree clearly regulating the sharing of information by services.

“There is a fundamental principle, established by Government decree. It says that supplying information is granted to all beneficiaries when they need the respective information in order to adopt decisions or to fulfill tasks. Whenever I considered that am information could be of use – the Head of the Service decides whether a certain information is of use or not – I forwarded it to the President”, Melescanu declared.

The ex-Chairman of SIE also discussed the relations of the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). According to Melescanu, during his term at SIE, there were no open conflicts between the two services. Nonetheless, there are frequent differences between SRI and SIE on various topics, procedures and operations.


Udrea is trying to undermine the authority of services


Melescanu thinks that Udrea is attempting to undermine the authority of services as the former PMP leader has announced, after Klaus Iohannis’ nomination for SRI leader, that Eduard Hellvig was actually “chosen by Coldea” and  “ placed by Voiculescu” at the top of services.

“Anyone can make accusations, more or less responsible or true. It means nothing but a war and an attempt to undermine the authority of intelligence services. Perhaps, their activity stirred discontentment. People who do these things affect the services at a time it is more important than ever before that the services would be allowed to do their jobs perfectly”, Teodor Melescanu declared for Antena3.

The former Head of SIE added that “I am unable to understand, from behalf of the President and Ms. Udrea, that if they have anything to complain about, why they do not use the legal paths to do so. Submitting a denunciation is different than having as much as a seed of proof that what you are telling is true. In my opinion, these accusations are void of any value, they only challenge fundamental institutions of the state at a time such actions are painfully unrequired”.


I do not think that Bica and Udrea’s photos in Paris were made by an intelligence service


Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu, who was leading the Foreign Intelligence Service at the time Elena Udrea and Alina Bica were photographed together in Paris, provided new details on the famous following.

After Traian Basescu had declared that the involvement of the intelligence services in the event in Paris was obvious, Melescanu declared that it is not likely. Or, at the very least, the detective supervision was not performed by agents of the services. The explanation is quite weird: services are not equipped for this kind of work.

“I am not convinced that an intelligence service leaked those photos. It is obvious they were made by specialized people. Not by officers, but by paparazzi, using a technique that was not owned by the service. So, I do not think that those photos were made by a service in Romania. They are made by people used to such operations, parallel companies, agencies or services”, Melescanu declared for Antena 3.

In the autumn of 2014, a few days before round one of the presidential elections, a blog opened for no more than a few hours leaked several photos showing Elena Udrea and Alina Bica during their holiday in Paris, on February 14, 2014.





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