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Microsoft file:Will Dorin Cocos receive home arrest instead of preventive arrest in exchange for his disclosures? Court’s decision expected on Monday

Dorin Cocos, Gabriel Sandu and Gheorghe Stefan appeared on Friday evening in front of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) to judge the proposals made by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors regarding preventive measures to be applied regarding the three defendants in the Microsoft file. The magistrates left the decision pending and announced that they will issue it on Monday.

According to Romania TV, Dorin Cocos admitted all DNA accusations in front of the judges, thus confirming the statements he had made to prosecutors previously. Nonetheless, magistrates decided to postpone the moment of the decision until Monday.

Gabriel Sandu and Dumitru Nicolae declared the same things in front of the judges, while Gheorghe Stefan maintained his initial declarations denying any involvement in the Microsoft file.

The High Court postponed the decision regarding the proposal of DNA investigators regarding preventive measures on  Dorin Cocos, Gabriel Sandu and Dumitru Nicolae. In Gheorghe Stefan’s case, the judge decided the disjunction of the proposal to maintain preventive arrest.

For Dorin Cocos, investigators demanded the change of preventive arrest to home arrest, and in the cases of Sandu and Nicolae, the maintaining of home arrest.

In the case of Piatra Neamt Mayor Gheorghe Stefan, who was also investigated by DNA, prosecutors demanded the maintaining of preventive arrest, despite of the fact that the defendant complained abbout severe health issues and requested house arrest.


Cocos denounced Udrea at DNA and revealed how he shared the bribe in the Microsoft file with her and Pescariu


According to legal sources, Dorin Cocos allegedly gave in Elena Udrea at DNA. Cocos gave investigators all the information they hoped to get and, in return, the preventive arrest could be turned into home arrest.

Dorin Cocos admitted to investigators how he shared the bribe in the Microsoft with Elena Udrea and Dinu Pescariu, Romania TV reported. Moreover, Elena Udrea’s former husband confessed prosecutors that a part of the money cashed by the former Minister of Tourism supported the 2009 electoral campaign of PDL and President Traian Basescu.


Vasile Blaga denounced for allegedly handling all black money for Basescu’s presidential campaign in 2009


Moreover, Dorin Cocos denounced Vasile Blaga and Alin Albu, the PDL treasurer, for manipulating all “black money” for the parliamentary and presidential elections in 2009. Moreover, the businessman accused of influence peddling in the Microsoft and ANRP files allegedly gave details about the accounts the money was sent to, as well.

Vasile Blaga and PDL treasurer Alin Albu are the object of three criminal denounces. Dorin Cocos and a businessman described in front of prosecutors what Vasile Blaga and Alin Albu did with the black money in the campaign, Romania TV announced. Their details add up to the statement by Gabriel Sandu.


Udrea: It is impossible that my former husband did such things, it is not true


Elena Udrea promptly reacted to news regarding an alleged denunciation by Dorin Cocos against her. “It is impossible that my former husband did such thing, because these things are not true”, Udrea commented on Saturday while leaving ICCJ, where she was granted the approval of magistrates to leave her home arrest in order to go to the Parliament on Monday, as the Chamber of Deputies will vote for DNA requests regarding the legal pursuit of the former Minister in the “Gala Bute” file and the preventive arrest in the same case she is accused of three new bribe-taking crimes.

Dorin Cocos is under preventive arrest in the Microsoft file, besides the suspended major of Piatra Neamt, Gheorghe Stefan. Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu and businessman Dumitru Nicolae were also under preventive arrest until January 25. They are presently under home arrest.

The supreme Court decided on January 23 that Gabriel Sandu and Nicolae Dumitru, legally prosecuted in the Microsoft file, would be placed under home arrest, while Dorin Cocos and Gheorghe Stefan would remain under preventive arrest. The decision was not contested, and therefore Sandu and Dumitru left the arrest on January 25.

Elena Udrea was also under preventive arrest in this file, under February 11 – 17, and at the time being is under home arrest.

According to prosecutors, Elena Udrea’s former husband, Dorin Cocos, allegedly demanded and received EUR 9 million from Claudiu Florica and Dinu Pescariu, so that, through Elena Udrea, Regional Development and Tourism Minister at that time, would assure for the companies supported by Florica the signing and application of the Microsoft licencing frame with the Ministry of Communication and Information Society.

Moreover, according to investigators, in the year 2010, Dorin Cocos, based on his alleged understanding with Udrea, claimed to have demanded from Gabriel Marin, manager of the Omnilogic company, approximately EUR 3 million to unblock the payments for the e-Romania contract. Gabriel Marin made a denunciation at the DNA, showing that he had paid to Dorin Cocos, by using Dinu Pescariu as an intermediary, the sum of EUR 3,050,000.

On his turn, Dinu Pescariu, a defendant in the Microsoft file, denounced Udrea, claiming that she had demanded him EUR 500,000 to “solve his legal issues”.

Moreover, according to prosecutors, Dorin Cocos demanded EUR 17.5 million for himself, Gheorghe Stefan and Gabriel Sandu, to intervene in the purchase of the rights for Microsoft licences. Of this sum, allegedly EUR 15.7 million ended up in the accounts of companies controlled by the three defendants, directly or through intermediaries.


Gabriel Sandu: I financially supported PDL with monthly sums reaching a total of EUR 300,000


According to information that appeared in the press, before being placed under home arrest, Gabriel Sandu, arrested in the Microsoft file, allegedly declared investigators, in his request to replace the measure, that, throughout his entire term as Communications Minister, he monthly financed PDL with sums that reached a total of EUR 300,000.

“Through my entire term as a Minister, I financially supported PDL with monthly sums totalizing approximately EUR 300,000. I have handed these sums directly to my boss, Emil Boc, Romania’s Prime Minister. I also recognize and admit that I accepted to finance the party and its actions so that they would grant me political support and maintain my position as a Minister and my position in the central management of PDL. More specifically, in my case, I had to bring the party about EUR 5 million. I forwarded this money from my personal, legal sums and partially recovered it the way Claudiu Florica, Dorin Cocos and Gheorghe Stefan explained. Actually, I was expected to support the presidential campaign of 2009 with EUR 4 million”, Sandu declared according to Antena 3.

Gabriel Sandu also said DNA prosecutors working on the Microsoft file that some of the bribe was given also to former Ministers Adriean Videanu and Radu Berceanu, and also to Roberta Anastase.




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