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February 3, 2023

Romania’s security future in the vision of the future SRI head Eduard Hellvig: Washington-Berlin-Bucharest axis

MEP Eduard Hellvig, newly proposed  by President Klaus Iohannis as director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has published an article on his personal blog at the beginning of January  in which he said the fundamental priority of 2015 is Romania’s more pronounced and active anchoring  in the Euro-Atlantic security equation on  Washington-Berlin-Bucharest axis.

In the same article he warned of “the threat to the EU” because of the rapprochement between Russia and Hungary.

“Romania and the EU face an unprecedented case  – the blatant prejudice against liberal democratic values by the regime of Victor Orbán,” wrote Hellivig in his article quoted by hotnews.ro and hungarianspectrum.org.  “Hungary tends to be a threat to European architecture, a Trojan horse increasingly under the influence of Moscow,” future SRI director also wrote in his article.

“I heard rumors that western diplomats were warned by their ministries to be careful around their Hungarian colleagues. Almost sixty years ago Hungarians fought to rid themselves of the influence of Moscow. Now the country freely accepts its influence, guided by a prime minister who values power over principles”, Hellvig’s  article also writes.

He  also points out that Russia has an offensive military doctrine which threatens Eastern Europe, including Romania.

“For the first time in the post-Soviet period, Russian has an offensive military doctrine which foresees the use of nuclear weapons not only in case of a nuclear conflict, but also in a conventional conflict, Hellvig writes.  He adds that Eastern Europe is especially targeted, in the perspective of a NATO enlargement, of installing an anti-ballistic missile shield or of any preemptive actions which would be seen by Moscow as hostile.

Therefore, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania become “the main targets of the Russian imperialism”, writes Hellvig.

The author also argues in favour of Romania playing a major role in supporting reforms in Ukraine and Moldova, Romania’s neighbour in which most of the population speaks Romanian.

In his article, George Maior’s successor to the SRI helm  argues in favour of strengthening the military capacity of Romania and increasing military spending at 2% and also in favour of the consolidation of Romania’s institutions, as well as the rule of law, of “reclaiming a society still undermined by corruption”.

Progress in this field achieved in last years, especially in 2014, “have helped save Romania from a Ukraine-type scenario”, Hellvig concludes.

In the meantime, Mr. Hellvig’s blog has become inaccessible, but his article can be read on hotnews.ro:





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