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January 27, 2023

Constanta mayor’s brother Alexandru Mazare quits PSD to join Geoana’s party

Senator Alexandru Mazare, the brother of Constanta Mayor, Radu Mazare, is quitting the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to join Mircea Geoana’s party. He explained his gesture by the fact that he no longer found himself in the party headed by Victor Ponta.

‘I have quit PSD because I no longer find myself in the policy of the current party leadership. After the major failure in the presidential elation, I expected a congress to elect new leaders’, Alexandru Mazare said, according to ziare.com. He noted that he would follow Mircea Geoana into the new party he launched on 1 February, called Our Romania, as an alternative to ‘Victor Ponta’s political sultanate’, as Geoana was saying at the time.

‘I have been in PSD for 13 years and I have not been in any other party. It has been my political home. It wasn’t an easy decision. This is the end of a journey’, he told ‘Romania libera’.

Asked if he was defecting alone or with other Constanta MPs, Alexandru Mazare said it was on his own in his action. ‘I am not recruiting’, he noted.

Constanta Mayor Radu Mazare was the first leader in the country to rise against Victor Ponta. ‘If you asked me – I for one am annoyed for being blamed for Ponta or Dragnea’s failure 0 if I was defeated in the election for mayor, I would surrender my mandate the following day and in no way would I be pointing to heads of small, local organisations and blame them for my loss’, Mazare said on 20 January. ‘MPs may join Vanghelie and Geoana in their new party. Anyway, things are not exactly right. I mean I don’t find it normal to blame others when you lose an election’, Mazare was saying.

Like his brother, Alexandru Mazăre is also in conflict with the law. He must explain a bank account in Israel he has not declared to ANI, containing EUR 80,000 which was allegedly wired by businessman Elan Schwartzenberg, as DNA claims.


PSD President Victor Ponta regrets Senator Alexandru Mazare’s departure


PSD President Victor Ponta regrets  Senator Alexandru Mazare’s departure and says he is a person he appreciates although he is being investigated by DNA for complicity to bribery and false declarations.

‘I regret Sandu Mazare’s departure. W have had an extremely civilized relationship all these years (…) I am thinking how many ugly words could be heard about him when he was in PSD, when he was called ‘Mazare the mobster’ (…) I bet they will now praise him just as fiercely’, Victor Ponta said on Monday, answering a question asked by the press. ‘He is a person I appreciate’, he stressed.

In addition, Victor Ponta accused Alina Gorghiu of hypocrisy, for saying so far that Alexandru Mazare or Marian Vanghelie were ‘bad’ for PSD and now, after they have moved to Mircea Geoana’s party, they will definitely become ‘good’.

In fact, on Marian Vanghelie the premier stressed: ‘Now that he is allied to Mrs. Gorghiu, he is good. But he was really a bad person’. ‘That’s huge hypocrisy’, V. Ponta said.



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