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January 27, 2023

Eduard Hellvig before Parliament ballot. Which parties support him?

On Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis nominated PNL MEP Eduard Hellvig for the position of Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

Iohannis declared that he had had several meetings with leaders of political parties during that they, in order to let them know his intention to nominate  Eduard Hellvig as Head of the Romanian Intelligence Service. The President described Eduard Hellvig as a qualified person, familiar with the political stage and well informed on the activity of SRI, mentioning that the Parliament will “probably” start discussing the proposal this week.

On Monday, Hellvig will attend a hearing at the Parliament Control Committee and then, he will undergo the ballot of the two Chambers.

Hellvig’s appointment was warmly received by the majority of the leaders of the political parties, who expressed their intention to discuss this proposal in the Parliament groups and decide how to vote.


PSDs Ponta: We will discuss in Parliament groups and announce the decision


The President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), PM Victor Ponta, declared on Thursday, asked whether his party would vote for Eduard Hellvig as Head of SRI, that this fact will be discussed in the meeting of the Parliament groups in PSD, so that they could reach a decision on this topic,

“We will discuss in the Parliament groups and we will decide”, Ponta declared for Mediafax.

On her turn, PSD spokesperson Gabriela Firea mentioned that the proposal referring to Hellvig would be discussed on Monday (today) at the Permanent National Bureau (BPN) of PSD, in the Parliament groups PSD – UNPR, and with the governing partners of PSD.

“The nomination will be discussed on Monday at BPN, in the reunited Parliament groups of PSD and UNPR, as well as with the governing partners, PC and PLR. Then, PSD President, PM Victor Ponta, will announce the decision”, Firea declared.


Crin Antonescu: I will vote for Hellvig, I have known him for years, it is a well-deserved appointment.


Liberal Crin Antonescu, ex-President of the party, declared on Thursday evening that he would vote in the Parliament for his colleague Eduard Hellvig, nominated for the position of Chairman of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

“Klaus Iohannis did not seek my advice and he had no obligation to do so. I think that the proposal is reasonable, I know Hellvig well, I have known him for many years and I think that it is an adequate proposal I will vote for, as a member of the Parliament, with all my confidence”, Crin Antonescu mentioned in a phone intervention for B1 TV.

On the other hand, he refused to answer whether he would have reached the same decision if he was Romania’s President.

Antonescu mentioned though that Hellvig had great chances to be voted for in the Parliament.

“He has great chances to pass, especially that he comes from politics, he has been present at the top of politics in the last few years and he is a well-known person. I think that, if PSD members seek a civilian chairman at SRI, they could vote for him as well. He cannot be suspected to favour any party if he is offered the position, not even PNL”, Antonescu declared.


Gorghiu: The nomination will be supported by PNL in the Parliament


PNL President Alina Gorghiu declared that PNL supported the proposal made on Thursday evening by Klaus Iohannis, as it would put an end to the interim term and political attacks.

“The proposal made by Romania’s president is destined to end the interim situation at SRI and to reinforce the authority of an institution that was a subject for plenty of political attacks these days. Eduard Helvig has a serious political activity, free of mistakes and controversy, and his nomination will be supported by PNL in the Parliament” said Alina Gorghiu, quoted by Mediafax.


UDMRs Kelemen: SRI will be in good hands


UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor also pointed out that Hellvig was “very well prepared” and that “SRI will be on good hands”.

“We have known Eduard Helvig, ex-Deputy colleague, member of the European Parliament, for a very long time, and we have known him as a balanced person, a commonsensical and very well prepared person.

On Monday, we will discuss this proposal in the UDMR Parliament groups but, as far as we are concerned, there is no problem and I hope that he will manage to keep a balance inside SRI and anything it means for Romania, in this field.

SRI will be in good hands once Mr. Hellvig takes his oath and is appointed. We have no objections, we see no reason to not vote for Hellvig and to not grant him our trust”, Kelemen Hunor declared for Mediafax.


PCs Ciuca: Hellvig is a balanced person, he is able to coordinate the activity of a service of this importance.


Also, the leader of PC Deputies Bogdan Ciuca praised Eduard Hellvig, declaring that he was adequate to fill the position of Manager of SRI.

“He is a balanced person, he is not ostentatious or conflictual, and I think that this thing matters very much. He is experienced in working with the Government, he was a member of the European Parliament and I think that, granted support by operational internal structures and by closely collaborating, he is able to coordinate the activity of a service of such importance.

(…) Personally speaking, Eduard Hellvig is an individual endowed with the ability and balance required for this position. I think that it is an inspired nomination, considering Hellvig’s abilities. He was just announced, we will discuss the proposal in the group and in the management of the party, concerning the vote in the Parliament”, Ciuca declared, according to Mediafax.


Geoana:  Iohannis’ proposal is well-inspired


Senator Mircea Geoana outlined that President Iohannis’ proposal was “well-inspired”.

“Eduard Hellvig reunites the two compulsory conditions for a successful term: he has the trust of the President and of political leaders in the country and abroad, and benefits of the professional competences required to assure the balance that is crucial to a permanently evolving internal and external context”, Mircea Geoana wrote on Facebook, adding that the members of the Parliament supporting the New Social Democrat Project would support this proposal in the Parliament.

Also, ex-Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu wished Eduard Hellvig best of luck, in a Facebook post published on his page.

Finally, UNPR announced their support of Eduard Hellvig as Head of SRI, as well.




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