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October 4, 2022

Romania’s natural gas imports decline 61.5 pct in 2014

In 2014, Romania imported 447,400 toe (tons of oil equivalent) usable natural gas, down 61.5 per cent (714,100 toe) from 2013, show data with the National Statistics Institute (INS).
Total domestic natural gas production in 2014 exceeded 8.675 toe, up 0.9 per cent (73,900 toe) from 2013.
According to the 2015-2030 Energy Strategy of Romania, Romania possesses the highest natural gas reserves in Central and Eastern Europe, with proven reserves of nearly 1,600 TWh.
‘For an average annual output of 11 billion cubic metres of natural gas and a constant annual depletion rate of 5 per cent in the proven natural gas reserves, a replacement rate of 80 per cent, the current natural gas reserves of the country should be exhausted in nearly 14 years,’ reads the strategy.


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