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February 5, 2023

President Klaus Iohannis in Chisinau: Our priorities at a regional level are stability and an European roadmap

Shortly after his arrival in Chisinau for an official two-day visit, President Klaus Iohannis took part in a joint press opportunity alongside his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti, stating that he wanted this to be his first visit outside Romania after becoming president but that it did not seem advisable at that time. “I considered it advisable to answer the invitation after the Republic of Moldova had a validated government. With this condition being met, I have arrived,” Iohannis said. The Romanian President stated that there are great expectations and hopes in what concerns the Republic of Moldova, in line with the pro-European vote expressed in November 2014, and he assured all Moldovan and Romanian citizens that Romania will do everything possible in order to support the Republic of Moldova on her European and democratic road. “Romania remains committed to developing political dialogue and cooperation with the Republic of Moldova,” Iohannis said, stating that in his talks with the Premier he will issue the same message of support for the concrete consolidation of the pro-European road and for the deepening of internal reforms. “The responsibility belongs to all forces that voted for the government’s investiture, for stable governance that would take into account the citizens’ vote,” Iohannis added.

The Romanian President revealed that he talked about the incontestable benefits of European integration and that both Heads of State agreed that the priorities are related to the continuation of reforms in important domains – economy, judiciary, financial sector, fight against corruption. “The implementation of the measures included in the association agreement with the EU represents concrete steps,” Iohannis said, adding that the two Heads of State also discussed the security situation at the borders of Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

‘Our priorities at a regional level are stability and an European roadmap, we wish to expand the area of prosperity, democracy and stability in our immediate neighbourhood’, Iohannis said in his speech. He added that it was his hope that all the citizens of R. Moldova will, in their turn, see a trusty, loyal and long-standing partner in Romania.


Romania, an anchor of stability in the region


President Klaus Iohannis said that he discussed with his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti about the evolutions of Ukraine, pointing out that both see Romania as an anchor of stability in the region and a solid partner of Chisinau and Kiev on their path to Europe.

Iohannis pointed out that the also talked with Timofti about the security situation at Romania’s and the Republic of Moldova’s border.

“We voiced our concern regarding the implications which the developments in Ukraine can have in regards with the stability of the Republic of Moldova,” the Romanian head of state said, in the joint press conference with his Moldovan counterpart.

He showed that Romania’s and the Republic of Moldova’s priorities aim at two essential landmarks, namely the stability and the European path.

“We want the expansion of the space of prosperity, democracy and stability in our immediate vicinity. We see Romania as an anchor of stability in the region and a solid partner of the neighbouring states: the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on their path to Europe. We hope that all the Republic of Moldova’s citizens see in Romania a trustworthy, loyal and long-term partner,” Iohannis said.

Referring to the crisis in Ukraine, Timofti said that he presented the Romanian President the vision of the Republic of Moldova on the events in the region.

“Our message remains the same: a message of solidarity and support for the efforts made with the participation of the international partners aimed at identifying a peaceful political solution to the crisis, without external involvement, with the observance of the principles of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Republic of Moldova’s President concluded.


Klaus Iohannis : It takes popular and political will to combat corruption.


“Popular and political will are required and then these issues can be solved. This thing about popular will may sound very superficial, if the electorate wants a reform, an improvement of the political class – and we had many situations when the voters clearly had their say, for instance last November – then you’ll see that the politicians understand that something in their approach must change. It is obvious that there must be a political will for change, especially as regards the combat of corruption, the independence of justice, strengthening the rule of law. It takes a lot of political will and no matter how much the people would want it, and no matter how strong their vote for something they want seen put into practice (…) in the end, it’s the politicians who must put their desires into practice,” said President Iohannis after the meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti.

President Klaus Iohannis was asked at the joint conference he delivered with his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti, how could the Republic of Moldova achieve a judiciary system similar to Romania’s, with institutions as efficient as the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), and how important is political will in the combat of corruption, given that the country has a minority government, that depends on the votes of the communists in Parliament.

Iohannis said he is convinced that this is the only way to go in order to eliminate corruption, which “threatens the people’s welfare.”

“These things can be done. Romania has proven that these steps can be taken. We received very substantial support from the European partners, my recommendation to you is to oblige your politicians to do the same,” concluded the head of state.

President Klaus Iohannis was welcomed at the official residence by his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti with bread, salt and wine. The meeting of the two officials lasted over an hour.


Nicolae Timofti: ‘We want to fulfil a broad range of sector objectives for R. Moldova’s integration on the EU internal market’


Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti said he would like to see more Romanian investment in R. Moldova and assured President Iohannis that his country would continue to be firmly committed to European integration. The Moldovan head of state also said his country focussed on justice, fight against corruption and economic development and counted on Romania’s precious experience in the implementation of the acquis communautaire as a member state of the EU. ‘We want to fulfil a broad range of sector objectives for R. Moldova’s integration on the EU internal market’, Timofti also said.

The Moldovan president added that he had had broad talks on the crisis in Ukraine and that his message remained firm – ‘a message of solidarity and support for efforts being made, with the participation of international partners, for identifying a peaceful solution, free of foreign immixtures, in compliance with the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine’.


Timofti: We are counting on Romania’s precious experience as EU member


Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti on Tuesday said he is still counting on Romania’s precious experience as a member of the European Union, thanking Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis for all that Romania does for Moldova.

“I want to thank President Klaus Iohannis for his ongoing visit to Moldova that strengthens the special relations between our countries and provide continuity for all their joint projects,” Timofti told journalists at a joint press conference with Iohannis.

Timofti said his conversation with his Romanian counterpart focused on three major issues: the bilateral relationship, Moldova’s European integration and the regional situation.

“At a political level, there is full understanding on all issues of common interest as well as on the political events of late. As far as the bilateral dimension is concerned, there are many infrastructure, energy, transportation, education and healthcare projects underway. These are vital projects to Moldova and they are being materialised with precious support from Romania,” said Timofti.

The Moldovan president also said that he agreed with Iohannis on the cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries being intensified as they help the two peoples getting closer.

He assured Iohannis that Moldova “stays engaged on its European path,” saying that this means particularly applying the reforms included in the association agreement between Moldova and the EU, with emphasis on justice, the fight against corruption and economic development.

“We are still counting on the precious experience of Romania as an EU member state with the implementation of the European communitary acquis, which is found to a great extent in the association agreement we concluded with the EU,” said Timofti.

He underscored that using support from Romania and other EU member states, Moldova wants to achieve a wide range of sectorial objectives that will contribute to Moldova’s integration with the EU’s internal market.

Timofti also thanked Iohannis for his visit and for all that Romania has been doing for Moldova.


My message will be that Romania wishes Moldova to follow a European path


President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday stated that the message he will bring to Chisinau will be that Romania continues to support the Republic of Moldova, while wishing for this country to follow a European path.

“The message I will bring to Chisinau when I will be paying my official visit there will be very clear: Romania supports Moldova. We want a European path for the Republic of Moldova. This was my message during the presidential campaign and the message I will continue to hold on to. I am every glad that I will have this chance to have all those meetings,” Iohannis said in his statement while leaving from the Henri Coanda International Airport.

He explained that this visit coming only this late was because he wanted to wait until the Republic of Moldova had a functional government.

“This has already been achieved and I want to highlight once again how important the relation with the Republic of Moldova is to me. Romania and Moldova share very special relations, unique in nowadays Europe. I want that, with this visit of mine, if possible, to improve these relations even more,” said the head of the state quoted by Agerpres.

Prior to his departure to Chisinau, Romania’s head of state specified that he will have meetings in Chisinau with President Nicolae Timofti, Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the leaders of the pro-European parties. Moreover, Klaus Iohannis mentioned that he will also deliver a speech at the State University of the Republic of Moldova.

The delegation accompanying the head of state in Moldova will include presidential advisers Dan Mihalache, Leonard Orban, Lazar Comanescu, George Scutaru, Andrei Muraru, Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Daniel Ionita.





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