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January 23, 2022

Basescu: I visited Elena Udrea at home during her home arrest, trying to convince her I did not abandon her

In his second television-broadcasted interview since he ended his term, ex-President Traian Basescu revealed a lot of interesting things on Tuesday evening at B1 TV, starting with the confessions that he had visited Elena Udrea at home during her home arrest to show his support, and up to the statement that he had the intention to dismiss general Florian Coldea from SRI after the episode of spying on Elena Udrea, Alina Bica and Ana Maria Topoliceanu during the trip made by the three ladies in Paris last February.

In the show “The Last Word” on B1 TV, Traian Basescu revealed that he had been talking with Elena Udrea every day and that he had visited her during her home arrest, arriving there simultaneously with the lawyers.

Former president Traian Basescu said on Tuesday night that he has spoken with Elena Udrea, MP on a daily basis and that he visited her at her house, where she was in house arrest, trying to convince her that he has never “abandoned” her.

“All this period since it is hard for her, I am one of those who talk to her daily, I visit her in her house arrest, at her residence. I was at home at Mrs. Udrea’s. I stumbled into her lawyers there, this is it … First of all, I’m trying to convince her I have never abandoned her,” Traian Basescu told a B1 TV broadcast.

The former head of state underlined Elena Udrea’s “loyalty” to him and said she is an “extremely strong woman.”

As for the criminal files Elena Udrea is investigated, Basescu said he never commented on their sidelines in order not to harm the former minister of Development.

“I won’t deny Mrs. Udrea. Moreover, I trust justice and I trust Elena Udrea when saying she didn’t steal any money. (…) Elena Udrea said what she knows and what she believes, therefore she is a person who does not lie,” Traian Basescu added.

The former president labeled as “excessive” the number of arrest requests on her name.

“The only thing I find in excess – the numerous number of arrest requests. Here we seem to have a problem and a risk, due to the pressure on the prosecutors to finalise the files quickly, because they are so many (…) It looks like they focus too much on denouncements. One should put something next to a denouncement and one should take care at the same time not to let those who have stolen the money to strike a bargain so that we find ourselves with declarations which incriminate the minister,” Basescu added.


Udrea is my greatest political investment


The former head of state stated, at the same time, that he has never received an information according to which “Elena Udrea was doing things wrong.”

Traian Basescu called former minister Elena Udrea, MP his ‘greatest political investment’ and voiced his hope she will not be condemned in the cases prosecuted by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).

‘I hope she will not be condemned, because she is my greatest political investment. (…) I have seen the DNA annual report, their success rate is 90 percent, not 100 percent, I hope Mrs. Udrea is in the 10 percent, as I know her,’ Basescu said on Tuesday night at B1 TV.

He added that Udrea’s situation is currently his only reason to worry.

‘My only concern right now, honestly, is the evolution of Elena Udrea’s situation. Besides that, my children are all right, they’re in good health, the grandchildren, too – everything is fine. (…) If she is condemned, there’s nothing I can do. What can I do – make another justice?’ the former president concluded.


After the episode of spying in Paris I wanted to dismiss Coldea


Ex-President Traian Basescu declared that, after the episode of spying Elena Udrea and Alina Bica in Paris, that resulted in photos of the two ladies being leaked in the press during the presidential campaign of 2014, he had wanted to dismiss general Florian Coldea from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

“I had the decree written, but I did not sign it, because I received another report from the service two weeks later, showing a different reality than the one I initially guessed. The decree was written and I said that I wanted a report. If the report confirmed my suspicion that there were Romanian services, I would have signed the decree, as it would have been obvious it was a political game”, Basescu declared.

“I received a highly confidential report. I will never reveal state secrets or things discussed in my office; I cannot violate the law. The contents of this report are classified. Not necessarily for our foreign affairs, but internally, the classifying of the report is fully justified. I asked the legal department to write my decree provided that I would sign if the report I received was convincing. And the report was convincing”, the former Head of State declared.

Asked whether it was possible that the spying of Elena Udrea and Alina Udrea was a private initiative, Basescu mentioned: “Nobody ever pointed it out specifically whether it was a private agency or a state agency. I have only told you that I received a report. I do not think it can be declassified, at least for the next ten years”.


Hellvig entered politics carrying Dan Voiculescu’s bag and betraying Antonescu. Tomorrow, he will betray Iohannis as well.


Ex-President Traian Basescu also declared on Tuesday evening, in the show “The Last Word” on B1 TV that the announcement of the new axis Bucharest – Berlin – Washington by the nominated Head of SRI Eduard Hellvig came as a shock to him, explaining how difficult it was to gain trustworthiness internationally.

Moreover, Basescu outlined that Hellvig was not a man anyone could trust, showing that he had betrayed Antonescu before and that he could betray  Iohannis in a similar manner if it suited him better.

“I did not watch TV today. Eduard Hellvig can surprise me by what he says though. First of all, it was the surprise that he was nominated. I do not actually know the man. For me, he is a person who entered politics by carrying Voiculescu’s bag and betraying Antonescu. Tomorrow, he will betray Iohannis as well if it suits his interests better. For me, the announcement of the new Bucharest – Berlin – Washington axis came as a shock”, Traian Basescu declared. He referred to an article published by Hellvig on his blog, discussing the axis Bucharest – Berlin – Washington. The blog was deleted last week, though.

“It surprised me because Romania has national security priorities and it was a terrible work for us to become very trustworthy in this approach, the partnership with the USA and implicitly the United Kingdom we have also signed a strategic partnership with. As far as security is concerned, I think that the initial signs are not very encouraging. You get to earn trust extraordinarily hard, with heavy costs”, Traian Basescu added.

The ex-President also added that Eduard Hellvig’s appointment as Head of the Romanian Intelligence Service was wrong, mentioning that Romania needed “atlantists” in the top positions of SRI.

“It is a mistaken choice, considering what it means. Romania needed two atlantists to lead its Intelligence Services. I was interested in their professional and political route. Maior was a professional diplomat, attached to Euro-Atlantism, having proved as a State Secretary of the National Defence Ministry that he had understood the politics of NATO”.


What is the US Embassy to a President? There are servants licking latches at Embassies. I never asked what anyone thought of my appointments


Referring to the fact that President Iohannis notified the American Embassy on his intention to appoint Eduard Hellvig as Head of SRI while, during Basescu’s term, US representatives heard about the appointments of Heads of Services from the media, Basescu pointed out:

“I will publicly tell you that I have notified them similarly regarding the appointments of Ungureanu and Maior. You do not have to seek the approval of Embassies. There is this kind of servants licking latches at the Embassies. You have asked me about the US Embassy. What is the US Embassy to a President? If I seek advice on an issue, I call Biden or Obama, not the Embassy in Bucharest. In ten years, I did not seek anyone’s approval, but I guessed what is there to do, that would be good for us and trustworthy for our partners. If I came to SRI or SIE with some colourless impostors, obviously I would have needed a lot of time to earn confidence in them”, the former President declared.

“I never sought anyone’s approval for my appointments. Neither that of prosecutors, neither that of other people. These footlickers always pretend to know everything and that Ambassadors were the ones calling them. Two months after I finished my term, I removed the presidential uniform and I afford to express my convictions openly. Nobody should consider me Romania’s President anymore. I am the citizen Traian Basescu. President Iohannis did not need anyone’s approval or advice, this is the position I left Romania in”, Basescu explained.


If Iohannis tries a little bit, Ponta will not eat Easter eggs at the Victoria Palace


Basescu also declared that, if he were in Klaus Iohannis’ shoes, he would change the Government.

“A President who is not supported by a Government cannot apply his plan. Honestly, yes, I would replace Ponta. I would love to have a Government of my own”, Basescu declared.

The former Head of the State appreciates that the Ponta Government could fall apart due to the decay of solidarity inside the coalition. “The perspective is that the Ponta Government be overturned. My intuition says that the solidarity is melting away”, Traian Basescu says.

Basescu also declared that “If the President also tries a little bit, Ponta will not spend the Easter at the Victoria Palace”.
“President Iohannis should also cooperate a little bit. To weaken the position of the President. Considering the amount of stupidities Ponta does, it is hard to imagine that you are unable to find two reasons to accuse him every day. Well, he is a different kind of person, I would have done it”, the former President also added.


The Secret Services are in control of the Parliament


Ex-President Traian Basescu also made a series of statements on Tuesday evening about how the Secret Services control certain members of the Parliament.

Traian Basescu declared for B1 TV that secret services used members of the Parliament in order to avoid CSAT for the approval of two of the Big Brother laws.

“Another thing I disliked was, by example, the Big Brother package. Actually, there was a manner of promoting the first two laws, the one on prepay cards and the storage of data, so that they would not be approved by CSAT. Thus, overnight, members of the Parliament who had initiated these laws had the idea that if these laws aim law making initiatives, they are not supposed to be approved by CSAT. So, by this legal trick, services managed to avoid CSAT both with the prepay cards law and with the data storage law, Traian Basescu declared in the show “The Last Word”.

“Did services request the Parliament to make these laws?”, host Catalin Striblea intervened.

Definitely, yes! (_) Moreover, the law on cyber-security was issued by the Government without going through CSAT. Anyhow, these laws would never be passed by CSAT without judge supervision. (_) The two laws, the one on prepay cards and the one on data storage, were not made without the knowledge of the Services and in the case of the cyber-security law, the Government ostentatiously omitted to send it to CSAT for approval, the former President explained.

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