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February 1, 2023

Gheorghe Stefan confirms Dorin Cocos’ denunciation in Microsoft case

As promised, on Monday Gheorghe Stefan made a denunciation to DNA and spoke about the illegal money used in the 2009 election campaign and yesterday appeared again in front of the prosecutors. The ex-Mayor of Piatra Neamt hopes that, after his denunciations, he, too, will benefit from the clemency of the prosecutors and judges and that he is released from remand and placed under house arrest instead, measure he has unsuccessfully tried to obtain on medical grounds. .

Gheorghe Stefan asked to be seen by prosecutors.

On Monday, his lawyer, Pavel Abraham, said he had admitted to all the offences he had been charged with in the Microsoft case also because he had been on remand for several months. Stefan reportedly admitted to the commission of the offences of influence peddling and money laundering, as well as to having received EUR 4 M in order to mediate the signing of the licensing agreement with Microsoft.

His lawyer also said the Gheorghe Stefan had told the prosecutors that he had contributed a lot of money to the various election campaigns and left to be understood that he referred to Traian Basescu’s 2009 campaign especially.

‘Pinalti’ also admitted to having met, during that period, with Dorin Cocos as well as Claudiu Florica, another key-character who appears as a denouncing witness in the Microsoft case.

On Monday, businessman Dorin Cocos made a denunciation in the Microsoft case including reports on Vasile Blaga. Cocos gave during six hours details to the prosecutors on the illegal funds he would take to Traian Basescu’s preferred party at the time, PDL, according to Romania TV. Cocos indicated Vasile Blaga as the person who was managing the black money. He told the investigators how much money he would take to the party, to whom he would give it and the sources. Dorin Cocos says, in his denunciation, that the money was paid for the 2009 election campaigns – presidential and European Parliament ones. Alin Albu was the connection between Vasile Blaga and Dorin Cocos, but, according to the businessman, he also gave Vasile Blaga personally EUR 2 M.


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