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President Iohannis meets leaders of pro-European parties in Chisinau, voices Romania’s support for R. of Moldova’s European path

While on an official visit to Chisinau, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis met the leaders of pro-European parties of the Republic of Moldova .

After meeting Iohannis, the chair of the Liberal Democrat Party of Moldova Vlad Filat declared that the talks addressed the current situation in the country, the bilateral relations and the process of European integration.

‘It was an forthright dialogue where the President demonstrated not just knowing how to talk about the Republic of Moldova, but also knowing what happens here and moreover, what he is going to so we get many results from the aid we receive,’ Filat said quoted by Agerpres correspondent in Chisinau.

He mentioned that another topic was the reform of the Judiciary.

‘The reform of justice involves efficient, not declarative fight against corruption. In this respect, Romania was lately a living example of the possibility, and I am sure we will also be able to have this fight against corruption – an effective, not declarative one – when we will have the popular will and the political will,’ Filat asserted.

Democrat Party of Moldova chair Marian Lupu appreciated the talks with the Romanian president as ‘very good, constructive, inspiring great confidence in a positive development of the bilateral relations between Moldova and Romania.’

‘I have highlighted and underscored the support that the Republic of Moldova will keep receiving for the continuation of its European path. I have voiced a shared position of interests of both Romania and the Republic of Moldova into the development of the bilateral relations, of the political dialogue, of the economic relations, of the investments in the economy of the Republic of Moldova. I think all the topics we discussed will become real, because I have felt Romania’s president attachment for such a collaboration line,’ Lupu added.

He pointed out that Iohannis has mentioned the support the Republic of Moldova might receive for all the reforms.

Liberal Party leader Mihai Ghimpu declared the talks concerned the situation in the Republic of Moldova.

‘We have talked about the life in the Republic of Moldova – what we have, what we don’t, where we want to go. A good, constructive talk,’ Ghimpu stressed.

Asked about his message to Iohannis about a possible participation of Liberals in the governing, Ghimpu answered: ‘He said we are political parties and we should find consensus, understanding in order to stay on our European course. This is the most important thing, he said – and I think he was right.’


Iohannis cheered in Chisinau with unionist messages: ‘Down with the border on Prut’ and ‘Union!’


President Klaus Iohannis laid a wreath at the monument of Stephen the Great in Chisinau, where more than 100 people carrying Romanian and European Union flags welcomed him with slogans such as ‘Down with the border on Prut’ and ‘Union!’. Prut River is the natural border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Students of the State University of Moldova also cheered Iohannis with unionist messages. About 50 of them waited for him at the entrance chanting ‘Unity!’ and displaying banners reading ‘Welcome home!’.

President Iohannis is in a two-day official visit in the Republic of Moldova since Tuesday. He is to leave to Germany after that.


Iohannis delivers speech at State University in Chisinau: Moldova has a great chance which we didn’t at accession to EU, it is called Romania


President Klaus Iohannis believes the Republic of Moldova has on its European path “a great chance which is called Romania.”

“The cooperation between us proves how important it is to have a good advocate in this process. Moldova has a great chance which we didn’t have at the time of the accession to the EU. This chance is called Romania, a full-fledged member of the European Union, today the strongest supporter of the Republic of Moldova in the accession process,” Iohannis said in the speech delivered at the State University of the Republic of Moldova, which the Presidential Administration sent to Agerpres.

Thus, the head of state reiterated Romania’s support for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union, saying that this is a national priority to us.

“To us, your path to united Europe represents a national priority. We now have as an unanimously assumed political project – Presidency, Government, Parliament – the idea of European support for Chisinau. I am highlighting my firm commitment as Romania’s President to support these steps, based on the prerogatives of the office I am holding,” the President said.

In context, Iohannis showed the Government of Chisinau, “whichever it may be,” needed to assume “the construction of a sustainable future.”

“But the construction of a sustainable future cannot only be adopted by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, but it must be resolutely assumed by the Government of Chisinau, whichever it may be. One of the great challenges of the coming years is to fulfill the democratic reforms initiated in your country. There is no other way to prosperity and security than that of continuing this sustained effort. Once more, the Romanian solidarity will manifest through sharing the experience that Romania acquired,” the head of state also said in his speech.

Iohannis underscored the existence of tensions in the region, showing it is Romania’s duty to contribute to “guaranteeing the European prospect of the Republic of Moldova.”

“We are living troubled times, even at our borders, a perspective which complicates even more the efforts of the Republic of Moldova. I believe that, in the current regional context, marked by instability, it is Romania’s duty to contribute to guaranteeing the European prospect of the Republic of Moldova. To us, the support granted to the Republic of Moldova isn’t only limited to institutional support. It is about strengthening the cooperation on all levels, the economic relations, the cultural and political dialogue not only on a state level, but also between the local communities. Moreover, we must support the projects that lead to increasing the Republic of Moldova’s energy independence, for this state to become independent all the way,” the President added.

He pointed out that the Republic of Moldova must adapt to the European model of society, “in which the state ensures equal opportunities for all citizens, in which the law is the same for all and the freedom of expression is, obviously, guaranteed.”.


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